‘Intruders’ – Good for a Rental

The Intruders Clive Owen
Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo 2012
I remember seeing the trailer for Intruders and honestly thinking what a confusing looking film. Sadly, after watching it, I still feel it’s a bit of a confusing film. However, confusing in not necessarily bad way, but the final act’s big “reveal” is a sort of a stretch. The hotness that is Clive Owen stars in Intruders which comes to us from Spain. Owen (John Farrow) plays the father of 12-year-old Mia, whom at night is being bothered by an “intruder”. Literally it’s a hooded character that comes into her room at night to essentially steal her face. Mia isn’t the only one being visited by the shady character dubbed Hollowface, in Spain a little boy called Juan is experiencing the same thing.
INTRUDERS burn Hollowface
Although John absolutely believes his daughter, the rest of the world believes John and Mia are suffering from a mass hysteria. Meanwhile, back in Spain Juan’s mother is facing the same obstacle, when she goes to speak with her priest, Father Antonio, about the entity he too thinks they both are delusional. In fact, Father Antonio has an older priest, to visit and he informs Antonio that the child and the mother are in what I’m sure is a clinical term – nuts. After several nights of alarm, John installs a security system in his home hoping to catch Hollowface in the act; whereas Juan’s mother Luisa decides they should just flee Spain. Niether plans really seems to deter Hollowface.

In the final act it all becomes clear who Hollowface is and what Juan and Mia have in common. The link to these two characters is actually pretty easy to figure out, if you pay close enough attention. But I’m still not sure what Hollowface needed with their faces. LOL! If there isn’t anything else available at the RedBox or if your Netflix queue is on the empty side, Intruders will do.

Intruders is currently available on DVD.