American Horror Story Asylum: First Teaser Online -Yesterday!

Jessica Lange and the cavalcade of crazy is gearing up for its October return. Jess all dressed in her best old school nun’s habit, went for a creepy walk in the woods to empty the trash. Okay, sure, we’ll take that.

She’s dropping more than just hints… Get committed to “American Horror Story: Asylum” with this exclusive look.

I apologize for the delay in posting this or anything else this week. I had an out-of-body experience. My laptop died and my external drive apparently has also grieved itself into the grave as well. In other words I’ve lost a great deal of about 10 years of my writing. SUX. I hate change so the joy of getting a new computer made me nervous – yes I have issues. Sads. Anyway complaint, what the hell was in the pails?
American Horror Story: Asylum this October, only on FX.