Freak Out with Your Geek Out – What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign?

Geek-SignA lot of people believe their zodiac signs have some sort of mystical powers. Like being a Taurus gives them special rights to be a stubborn obstinate asshole. ‘Hey man, it’s my nature to be a miser who loves money more than anything ever. By the way, did you see my shoes?’ Did I mention I am a double Taurus/Venus energy? Speaks volumes – no?

Anyhoo, one of our nerdy geeky peeps came up with this fun little play on the zodiac chart. You can use the year you were born to figure out your geek sign.

And just like I suspected, I am one of the Undead. See you around the coffin.

What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign? (Click on here on the image to make it readable, btw.)

Hat tips: James Wright and Josh Eckert