‘Evil Dead (2013)’ Review – Earns its R! Darkly Fun.

EvilDead2013Poster-redDirected by Fede Alvarez (2013)
No Ash? Wait, they are remaking Evil Dead, without Bruce Campbell? What? That’s crazy talk. That will never work. The Ash character is now a girl?

Remember when the internet world went all flavors of nutters when that information came out about this remake. Guess what? They were WRONG! I learned my naysayer lesson with Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker in Batman. Take note folks.

Newcomer director, Fede Alvarez, and his cast pull it off in a tremendous bloody fashion. Pun completely intended. Evil Dead (2013) not only manages to stay true to the Sam Rami/Bruce Campbell classic, but it does it sans CGI and makes the remake into a good time that could easily stand on its own.

For the most part the story is pretty much the same as the 1981 version. This time however instead of the friends engaging in old fashioned teen debauchery for Spring Break, this group has gathered in a remote cabin in the woods to help Mia detox from her drug addiction. Also, in the very beginning of the film there are brief but a violent few scenes partially explaining how the infamous book came to be in the first place. I don’t know something about a demon and a fire. I think demon’s origin is left vague on purpose. I smell sequels.

We are then introduced to Mia (Jane Levy), her brother (Shiloh Fernandez), his girlfriend (Elizabeth Blackmore), their friend Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Olivia (Jessica Lucas). What I found interesting with these characters the writer’s did not bother to flesh them out fully, but you learn enough to not really like them. Clearly they are there to die. You do get a minor backstory for Mia and her brother David. Apparently David left home and their mother went insane and I guess Mia was left to take care of her, driving Mia to use drugs after her death.
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The film itself does not waste any time, before the fun hacking of bodies to pieces starts. Eric finds the Naturom Demonto (Book of the Dead) in the basement of the cabin and for some reason despite it being bound in barbed wire and SKIN, he decides to read the passages a loud anyway! This of course unleashes the big bag demon chick ready to possess someone. Meanwhile Mia in an attempt to get away from sobriety ventures into the woods and meets up with those rapey vines from the ’81 film. Of course demon child takes up residence inside Mia’s head. And now the stage is set.

I’m not saying the film is perfect, like previously mentioned, I dislike all the characters including Mia. Unlike, Bruce Campbell, who is just downright lovable, you need something to make you want to pull for female Ash. I’m still a little curious about the book itself. Who took the time to bind the damn book in skin and barb-wire? Was her or she wearing gloves? Just saying.
The actors are pretty believable with what they are given to do, which is die horrifically I might add. You also have to give the film major kudos for using freakin’ make-up and not CGI. YAYYY! Granted, this film missing that underlining humor element of the original, but the remake definitely plays upon the frustrated feeling, of no not again demon, just die already!

Historically, remakes usually well – suck, but Evil Dead (2013) passes the torch or chainsaw if you will to the new generation successfully. See it!

Evil Dead is now in theaters.