Insidious: Chapter 2 (Review) – An Extended Episode of Ghost Hunters

Directed by James Wan (2013)
For some reason I have the warm and fuzzies for these Insidious films. These films could totally go out for cocktails with me. And yes, I would go out to cocktails with anybody, but still. Now, are these films scary? Scary, yes if you think an episode of Ghost Hunters is scary. However, like Ghost Hunters, Insidious: Chapter 2 is entertaining and really interesting.
Also, as you might have guessed by the title, Insidious: Chapter 2 is the follow-up to the aforementioned first film Insidious. The second chapter literally takes place hours after the first film ends, with us seeing the return of the Lamberts, (Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne)dealing with the death of Elise (Lin Shaye) and running from some pissed off entities from the netherworld. Really, really pissed off. This time the Lamberts have left their house only to find the ghosts have followed them to their new location. The family is now residing at the grandmother’s (Barbara Hershey) extra-large spooky Victorian. Because you know extra-large spooky Victorian houses always equals safety. Make note as well if Barbara Hershey is related to you, there is most likely an entity hot on your heels. Run.

The police of course question Mrs. Lambert (Byrne) about the mysterious death of Elise and her husband’s involvement. A woman just dying in a chair with strangulation marks don’t just happen, people. Or, does it? In this movie, it does. For some reason, this storyline is dropped quickly and turns out to be out of place. Without spoiling you, this is an unnecessary plot device used to tell us something about the husband. Afterwards, we are then shown a few typical “ghosty” paranormal things. The baby’s walker turns itself on, the piano plays when no one is in the room and yeah, there’s this pesky lady dressed in white strolling around the house. You know the usual. After the family, well most of the family, (although the youngest son is apparently immune to all of it) experience these happenings tell the Dad his trip into the dark world in the last film didn’t help them at all. Shit is still going down.

After a few more scenes of the spooky, Grandmama enlists the help of Elise’s Ghost hunting brigade to figure out what is really happening to the Lamberts and why. This is when the film turns into a paranormal chase mystery. Remember when I said the Chapter 2 is interesting? Director James Wan seriously put his skill set on display here, because he does a really great job of what I’m calling a wrap around in that Wan almost seamlessly ties the two pasts – the 80s, the last night of the first movie and the present together effortlessly. In this edition of what is shaping up to be a franchise we get a pretty creepy back story. Meet Parker Crane and his mom. I won’t spoil you guys on their shenanigans, but there’s eww factor with them for reals. Think Norman and Mother.

The entire cast returns and they are all are fun to watch and make these characters believable. Another hat tip to Lin Shaye – you are the new Tangina girl! I also, liked the addition of the Carl (Steve Coulter) character. Is this film problem-free? Of, course not. The film was tad too long, and had a few questionable scenes. Also, I still want to know the story of the damn demon from the first film, he makes an appearance in this chapters, but we are still left wondering who the hell this dude is. Although, Chapter 2 tries to gives us an idea how the Lambert “gift” works, it still remains a mystery as to why?

See it! Insidious: Chapter 2 is in theaters now.