My unwanted Thoughts on ‘Carrie’

Directed by Kimberly Peirce (2013)
First off, I’m still under the weather but I dragged my carcass into my local cinema to see the remake of the horror classic Carrie this weekend. I’m not sure if it’s the meds and the fact I’m in the grips of a wicked cold, but folks Carrie 2013 was not bad.

Now I’m going to warn you of spoilers, because I now realize some of our readers are not elderly hags like me and might not have ever seen the original film. If you have never seen or read the book Carrie, I will be waxing poetic (more old people speak) about some plot points, do not read this post any further. And thanks for the clicks. Hugs.

Carrie 2013 is pretty accurate and stays almost completely true to the 1976* (woot good year!), they even keep most of the same dialogue. You know, say it with me y’all, “They’re all going to laugh at you,” “Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie,” and the best cra shit ever, “I can see your dirty pillows.” No seriously, dirty pillows that one still gets me. What the new screenwriters, did do is update the story to bring the bullying into this century, in other words, camera phones and Youtube come into play in this version.

Also, director Kimberly Peirce visually updates the classic scenes using my favorite thing CGI (sarcasm). However, the story involves telekinesis so it didn’t irritate me and it was not used heavy headed. Thanks for that Kimberly! Actually, the pivotal scenes like the car crash that kills new Chris and new Billy Nolan turns out really well. New Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) is quite the badass in this film thanks to the updates of her powers via computer-generated imagery. Speaking of new Carrie, Chloë, does a great job of making you feel sorry for her, whilst you cheer her on as she demolishes her tormentors. Only thing unlike her predecessor Sissy Spacek, Chloë, isn’t quite awkward in the part or as nearly as plain as the character calls for. But, like DivaMummy points out when did kids ever really need a reason to bully? Just being different in any way usually makes a kid a target.
Also, great with the crazy was Julianne Moore as the new Margaret White. Jules was able to make this character hers and different from Piper Laurie’s version. I’m starting to think Julianne might be slightly crazy or she’s just a great actor. Let’s go with the first theory – that one’s more fun. The other cast members new Tommy (Ansel Elgort), new Sue (Gabriella Wilde) and Ms. Desjardin (previously known as Ms.Collins) played in this version by Judy Greer all put their spin on their characters in a really competent way.

There are a few new elements and changes in the new version but like I said above the basic nuances stays the same in Carrie 2013. Like me you might wonder, if they didn’t do anything new, why was this update needed at all? Well, as DivaMummy also points out, this remake tries to introduce Carrie White to you youngin’s out there, I suppose. In other words if you are not a cranky old person clinging to the older version, Carrie 2013 is worth a watch. See it! Now get the fuck off my lawn!