Commercial Break – What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Sexy.
Any horror fan can appreciate the Halloween season, so this year we’ve decided to take a special look at some of the most popular costume ideas. As you may know, the grown-up version of Halloween can actually be way more fun than the trick-or-treating version. However, the idea of dressing for the occasion never changes with age, though the nature of the costumes generally does! Here are a few trendy ideas to consider for your 2014 Halloween party (or parties).
The Couples’ Costume

Usually we see a lot of couples’ costume themes overlapping with pop culture. Well-known characters are just the easiest pairs to recognize and appreciate in couples’ costumes. But it’s also fun when these characters are particularly current. Weirdly enough, I found some of Pop Sugar‘s suggestions for last year’s Halloween to be well worth considering this time around as well. Okay, their Gatsby & Daisy idea should stay stuck in 2013, but a few character couples—Brody & Carrie from Homeland, Catniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games, and Jon Snow & Ygritte from Game Of Thrones—are great for couples this year.

The Character Costumes

Conversation on character costumes could carry on forever. That’s particularly true now that superhero movies took over Hollywood, so there are a lot of popular costume options to consider. Let’s keep it simple though: for women, there’s no cooler character costume than a strong imitation of Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, and for the men, it’s time to break out the favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle again (even if the recent film was somewhat disappointing).

The Sexy Costume

Anyone can throw on some lingerie and cat ears, but a pro quality sexy costume takes a Halloween party up a notch. For your typical options—the sexed-up nurse, cheerleader, naughty secretary and the like—there are online deals that can actually help you to find something good on the cheap, such as those offered here. For more original or creative sexy Halloween costumes, sometimes a homemade approach is best. And as for the guys, it’s difficult to say where to start, so go with your gut.

The Horror Costume

Finally, on to our strong point. As usual there are limitless horror options for the Halloween season ahead. For the tamer side of horror, ladies can revisit the Maleficent idea and men would do well to consider a vampire outfit based on the upcoming film Dracula Untold. But for more genuinely scary ideas, consider the classic creepy doll (back in style thanks to the film Annabelle) or a crude human/walrus hybrid. If that sounds weird, do some reading on the bizarre but effective dramedy/horror flick Tusk.