Commercial Break – The All-New Zombies, Run! is out now — and free-to-play!

Get ready, Runner 5. This is not a drill. The All-New Zombies, Run! app is here in all its glory, and Season 4 launches today!

But there’s more: Zombies, Run! is now free-to-play! Here’s what this means for you:

Existing ‘Legacy’ Players

We’re now giving you unlimited access to every single mission up to the end of Season 3 – plus Interval Training and Race Missions and all 150+ story missions. For free. Your support has kept us going for the past three years. Your season pass purchases, your love of our story and our characters, your feedback and wonderful words of support. You are the engine behind Zombies, Run!

Even better, you can unlock one mission of Season 4 every week for free, or upgrade to Pro Membership for unlimited S4 access. Because you’ve supported us, Pro Membership costs only $7.99/year (it’s $19.99 for new players).

Android users: You’ll need to download a new (free) app to get access to the new content – but otherwise everything else will be the same.

New ‘Free’ Players

Starting from today, new players can download Zombies, Run! for free. They’ll get access to part of Season 1, plus the ability to unlock a new mission every week. Now there’s no excuse to avoid trying out Zombies, Run!

Visit Zombies, Run! for complete details.