‘Midnight, Texas: Pilot (Recap) – It’s new, so I’ll be kind

Midnight, Texas premiered Monday night on NBC and although I have high hopes for this series, the pilot episode didn’t really thrill me like I was expecting. I think unfairly, since the show is based on another one of author’s Charlaine Harris book series, I thought I would instantly fall in love. I did not.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
We are first introduced to psychic Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud) in an upscale hotel room in Dallas. Inside this room filled with cheesy candles Manfred apparently gives readings to bored housewives for money. Manfred is forced to flee Dallas after receiving a death threat. On the advice of his deceased grandmother Manfred drives to the town of Midnight, Texas.

From the beginning we the viewers see a little town like all little towns. Of course this is just on the surface. Midnight is filled with quirky little people who you know have a story to tell. On his very first night in town Manfred is introduced to the local vampire, who feeds from him. Because, of course. The writers mess with vamp lore here. Town vampire Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah) feeds by simply touching his victim. It seems is either sexual or euphoric for the victim in this case Manfred, because he is all dreamy eyed afterwards. The bar maid (Charlaine likes bar maids) invites Manfred to the town’s picnic the next day.
During the struggle picnic, the body of pawnshop owner Bobo’s (Dylan Bruce) fiancé is discovered by the river. She has been dead for days, her spirit immediately reaches out to Manfred for help. After being declared ‘one of them’ by Lemuel, Manfred explains why he’s in Midnight and that he is trying to help the fiancé ghost move on. We also see the locals are at war with some group called Sons of Lucifer. I’m unsure of their deal right now, but brace yourself war is coming to Midnight.

We are introduced to the sheriffs and other locals as well, including Jason Lewis as an angel character. The sheriff comes to arrest Bobo, because when it arrives to murder its always the fiancé. The residents of Midnight have a standoff with the sheriff to protect Bobo. Manfred joins them and declares he will stay in Midnight and help them fight the Sons of Lucifer and help free Bobo.

I condensed a lot of this episode because honestly these characters, nor this episode really did engage me. I like the idea of this show, but as of right now I’m not sold or invested in these characters. But, I’ll continue to give Midnight, Texas a chance.

Next week…

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Manfred tries to help Bobo clear his name by talking to the murdered victim with Joe’s help; Lem and Olivia set out to stop a deadly predator before it kills again.