Midnight, Texas: Bad Moon Rising (Recap) – Better, but…

Bobo is a badass at least there’s that.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
We begin with Bobo still in police custody; the sheriff has decided he needs him to explain his part in the death of Aubrey. When the interrogation doesn’t go the Sheriff’s way the deputy puts Bobo in a cell with the Sons of Lucifer. If you remember from last week Aubrey’s husband is a member of the gang or whatever they are supposed to be. Although the burly randy lookin’ men jump Bobo it doesn’t go well – for them. I guess Bobo is some sort of military trained badass; we’re sure to find out more about him later in the season.
Midnight Texas: Bad Moon Rising  pic 1
Meanwhile, Manfred takes in Aubrey’s spirit to get more information about who killed her. His vision shows him one of the SOL murdered her. Shocking – not really. Manfred recounts Aubrey’s death to the sheriff who pretends not to believe him. But, he calls and gets a search started for the evidence Manfred tells him about. Sheriff also suspends his deputy for purposely putting Bobo in danger with the SOL. I’m unsure of the sheriff’s allegiance as of now. Ally or enemy? 🤔

Figi helps Manfred Tangnia (Google is your friend) his house to get rid of the bad spirits occupying it. Hello, fun. Unfortunately, for the deputy Ezekiel’s tiger is vacationing from The Walking Dead and basically eats her. Yes, folks a random tiger shows up in town to eat people, because of course. Over at Hot Interracial Love Manor, the couple (Lem and Olivia) go on a tiger hunt. We then find out the tiger is The Reverend, because again of course. This was a lazy way to reveal more about this character, but ok I’ll take it.
Midnight Texas: Bad Moon Rising  pic 2
Figi cleans the spirits from Manfred’s house, however she manages to summon something only she can see and it’s demonic in nature. That’s why you never do favors for friends. Manfred uses the magical skull from great great grandmother to save Figi from the demon. More random but ok. Because, there hasn’t been enough excitement for them they join the search for The Rev.
Midnight Texas: Bad Moon Rising  pic 3
Midnight Texas: Bad Moon Rising
In theory this scene should have been much cooler! Lem the Vamp faces off in a fight with the tiger. Of course the vamp manages to subdue the Rev, who the next morning returns to his “normal” self. He is extremely sad that he killed the deputy. I’m not. Bobo is released because the Sheriff found the SOL jacket with Aubrey’s hair caught in the zipper. The SOL strikes again this time the Sheriff becomes a victim, kind of answering my question from earlier. He can’t ally if he’s dead. Joe reveals to his partner that Manfred is the warrior they need to fight the coming battle between good and evil. That’s a strong order for Manfred, he seems like a bit of a fuck up to me. But, I’m sure they plan on making us see something in him that shows he’s up for the challenge.

This episode was of course better than the pilot, but it’s still missing something. Even though the characters are quirky, per the usual of Charmaine’s previous works they aren’t all that interesting, at least not yet. I’ll keep sticking with it, hopefully you will too.

Next week…

Midnight Texas 1×03 “Lemuel, Unchained” Season 1 Episode 3 Promo – A deadly nest of vampires arrives in Midnight and it turns out they’re old friends of Lem’s (Peter Mensah) eager to reunite. Manfred (François Arnaud) suspects there’s more to their arrival and joins forces with Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) to uncover the real story while Creek (Sarah Ramos) prepares for the worst. Elsewhere, Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) hatch a plan of their own in case the vampires are up to no good. Meanwhile, Joe (Jason Lewis) confides his suspicions about the veil to hell opening in Midnight to the Rev (Yul Vázquez).