Midnight, Texas: Lemuel, Unchained (Recap) – Don’t trust faux Anthony Kiedis

Anyone else not trust faux Anthony Kiedis? If you don’t get that reference, I’m not going to explain it.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**

We begin this episode with a post coital Manfred and Creek. Unfortunately, this scene is not sexy at ALL! While leaving Manfred’s home she is accosted by Zachariah aka faux Anthony Kiedis or FAK, whom we learn is a friend and possible foe of Lemuel. Like me Olivia doesn’t trust him at first glance and can smell the bad news a mile away, but Lem regales us with a tale from year’s past. Lem was once a slave, who chooses vampirism over slavery. I’m pretty sure vampirism is always a better deal than slavery. Olivia doesn’t particularly like FAK and his friends. She decides to join Manfred in searching the wandering vampires tour bus. Yes, they have a tour bus; this also sounds cooler than it actually was. Inside the black-lighted bus Oli and Mans find a young woman the vamps have been bloodletting. Well that’s not nice at all.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “Lemuel, Unchained” Episode 103 — Pictured: Zahn McClarnon as Zachariah — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Turns out the woman Tiffani is a willing participant. She’s a vampire groupie. I guess following Bieber around is boring. Bieber is still someone the kids like right? Although Lem keeps assuring the citizens of Midnight the traveling vampires are not a bunch of blood sucking monsters, everyone is preparing just in case.

Meanwhile, Joe confesses he is a fallen angel to Reverend Tiger. He also tells him about this impending battle of evil coming to Midnight. Also, Manfred gets attacked and kills his vamp attacker who bursts into smoke ala Buffy style. He then informs the other Midnighters the vamps killed the hardware store owner.

Zachariah tells Lem how lucky he is to be in Midnight, while Xylda tells Manfred why the visiting vamps are bad news. Once upon a time Zachariah gave Xylda to Lem as a gift. Her soothsayer blood apparently turned him into our energy zapping sexy Lem we love today. Well, not love but he and Olivia are my favorites so far. In a desperate act to co-op Lem from his friends in Midnight Zachariah gives him silver tainted blood.

While Lem is unconscious and weak Zachariah’s girlfriend Pai attacks Olivia, well not really because Olivia does her thing and kills her. Too bad we hardly knew ye. Not really she was annoying. However, Pia was with Zachariah for years he has very little grief, but he orders the other vamps to kill everyone in Midnight. Creek goes with Manfred to get her family. They hole up in Manfred’s demon proofed home – thanks Figi.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS — “Lemuel, Unchained” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji — (Photo by: John Gold…

Not Tangia (Figi), Bobo and Olivia come up with a plan to kill the vamp. Of course Olivia gets hurt which while fighting a vamp. This forces Manfred to come off the bench. Armed with help from Joe and a lie, he is able to defeat Zachariah and his gang of vamps. Hooray! I guess.

We end the episode with Bobo and Not Tangia (Figi) having a moment to show us that soon they will realize they love each other and couple up. Meh, ship away I guess if you must. Finally Creek’s father warns her to stay away from Manfred because he’s trouble, in a scene straight out of Footloose. Um, dad the whole town is trouble. Why haven’t you moved yet?

I like the Lem and Olivia characters they genuinely seem like the more interesting of the lot, so this episode was a bit better. But, the show is still missing excitement. I’m also not yet interested in anyone else to really care enough. Even Manfred is yawn worthy. I can’t tell what’s missing from this series as I’m not a book reader but this show seems hodgepodge and a bit boring. These characters are not translating off the page very well, from I can tell. Oh well see you next week.

Next week…

A MYSTERIOUS WOMAN WITH INSATIABLE APPETITE ARRIVES IN MIDNIGHT — Manfred’s (François Arnaud) ability to see the dead leads him to uncover an ancient supernatural who seduces and feeds on men. To protect their town’s supernatural anonymity, Manfred, with the help of Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley), Lem (Peter Mensah), Joe (Jason Lewis) and Creek (Sarah Ramos), venture out of the safety of Midnight to a roadside bar to stop the supernatural killer. Meanwhile, Bobo (Dylan Bruce) must confront the dangerous bikers who threaten to expose his past. While carrying out a hit, Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) discovers an unlikely link to her father.

PSST, if there are typos I’m sorry, I’m tired.