Midnight, Texas: “Sexy Beast” (Recap) – Nothing but love and assassins

This episode of Midnight, Texas had a steady mixture of things that should be exciting. There is a cool lady assassin, a soul-sucking demon, and a ton of romance. But, somehow all of it is lackluster. AF.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
First off I want the kid in opening scene to die early on because his shirt is unbuttoned to his navel. How tacky and 1972 can you get? Anyway he meets his demise via a pretty girl whom he picks up by the side of the road. The girl is “stranded” she says. About 30 seconds later, we hear off camera screams from Navel Shirt and we see blood. This of course is letting us know Stranded has been killed him. Good!
Bobo and Figi have a moment that I don’t care about involving him realizing the Sons of Lucifer killed Aubrey and the sheriff and I think someone made shepherd’s pie? That’s the only part I’m interested in – the food. Navel Shirt’s sister drops by Bobo’s Pawn Shop looking for him. Of course, Bobo suggests she visit Manfred. Manfred has been in two pointless scenes already this episode, that didn’t warrant notes. But, Navel’s sister offers him $5,000 to find the missing Navel Shirt. Navel reveals to Manfred he has been killed by Stranded who also stole his Cadillac. Men y’all can be basic as hell sometimes.

We finally find out a little more about Olivia. Lemuel and Olivia are the more interesting of the characters on this show. Apparently, she is a badass and I support female assassin badasses. Is there a class you can take? 🤔 I might be too old for that particular profession change. Olivia completes her job and she also kidnaps the man who mysteriously following her. Meanwhile, Manfred tracks down Stranded who are told is a succubus who is set on killing all the tacky men. I’m not really opposed to this in all honesty. But, I guess she has to be stopped. 😒
The man following Olivia is being paid to do so by her father. The Scooby gang decide to stake out the local Midnight Honky Tonk bar because if you want to find a tacky ass man there is no place better than in a tacky bar. Fiji finds Bobo in the backroom of the bar just about to kill one of the SOL. She intercedes and stops him. I’m not sure I support you this time girl. Finally, Creek spots the succubus who is fast at work on a new victim. Creek sprays her with the potion Fiji made; it transforms her breaking her glamour. Urm, let’s just say the tacky superficial men are probs totally safe now. But, she goes after Creeks little brother forcing Manfred to set her on fire. To quote the corny joke from Olivia, the succubus is literally a hot mess.

We get more backstory for Olivia. It turns out her Father is total trash whom I hope she gets to exact some revenge upon in a later episode. But, she lets the captured man live so he can presumably tell her dad to kick rocks. In true TV fashion all the couples end on a good note, including Fiji and Bobo who discover they love each other. 🙄
As the weeks go on this gets a little better. The characters are slowly coming to life now. They show itself is still not that thrilling but it’s better than it was. Instead of the season long mysteries that was True Blood, this is a weekly big bad versus the gang each week. I’m not opposed to that in theory. However, they need better challenges. I’m hoping this is a slow burn, because if not this is going to continue to be boring, lackluster ride.

Next week…
Midnight Texas 1×05 “Unearthed” Season 1 Episode 5 – Manfred’s (François Arnaud) growing relationship with Creek (Sarah Ramos) is threatened when his con-artist past finally catches up with him and the mysterious Hightower finds him. Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) agrees to help Manfred, but when she and Creek learn the surprising truth about what Manfred is running from, they realize Manfred is not the man Creek thought he was. Meanwhile, Bobo’s (Dylan Bruce) budding romance with Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) takes a surprising turn that puts her in danger. Peter Mensah also stars.