Midnight, Texas: “Unearthed” (Recap) – Gold, guns, and love bubbles…

The episode opens with someone leaving a seriously sinister music box on Manfred’s doorstep. The only thing I care about is where can I buy that music box?
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
In the midst of a scene between Fiji and Bobo and what has to be the most boring budding love affair, the Sons Of Lucifer decide to roll thru town firebombing. BTW, Sons Of Lucifer is a way too badass name for a group of white supremacists. I’m convinced, Bobo was created by the same people who made Steve Rogers, springs into action and rescues Olivia from the smoke filled bar. Inside, Fiji’s talking cat reveals that he can talk, and the SOL kidnapped Fiji. I want to like Fiji so badly, but she is a big yawn. She looks like Rae Dawn Chung an actress from my childhood. So, I can’t decide if it’s the character or the actress. For some reason, I think Rae would have rocked this shit. #80skid Manfred has also decided to pay off his debt to Hightower.

Creek begs for Olivia’s help for Manfred; she reluctantly agrees. We find out Manfred was engaged to Hightower’s daughter Violet and left her at the altar. We also find out she’s dead now and btw, Hightower is practicing black magic. Once again this sounds way cooler than it actually is. SMH. Manfred is the anchor of the show, an uninteresting anchor but the anchor nonetheless. I keep pulling for him too, but I’m not seeing it for him. Bobo shows Lem the other reason the SOL is after him; he stole some guns and gold. I’m surprised by the gold, but white supremacist usually like guns, so nothing to see there. But, where did the gold come from?
Manfred confesses to Creek about leaving Violet at the alter and she killed herself. All of this was apparently a con gone wrong by Manfred and his grandmother Zelda. Bobo goes to meet SOL who not only take their gold back, but decide to lay hands of Bobo too. They throw him in the same train car they are storing Fiji in. Monica and Manfred team up to trick Hightower, they manage to trap him. They do this so Manfred can apologize or some shit. Manfred says he has changed and wants to atone for he and Zelda’s sin. He tells Hightower his curse worked because Zelda got sick soon after the scam and passed away. Hightower pointed out ‘yeah but you can talk to and see her.’ Manfred says he can help Hightower see and talk to Violet.
Unfortunately, for the SOL Lem is pissed and shows up to help Bobo rescue Fiji. By help I mean he kind of killed everybody. Good on him! Manfred summons Violet’s ghost and basically she says she didn’t kill herself over him. I mean phew, cause girl you could do better than Manfred. Violet is really not interested in a kumbaya moment with her dad or Mans in fact she says she hopes her Dad rots in hell. Harsh.
Bobo finally kills Whatsherface’s SOL husband and blows up their headquarters. Violet takes possession of Manfred’s body so she can finally tell her father what she really thinks of him. And none of it is good! Violet moves on to another realm and Hightower uses his black magic one last time – to kill himself. Personally I would have fixed my eye, but whatever works I guess. My favorite couple had a moment of the night of course goes to Lem and Olivia whi confess their love for each other. Bobo confesses to Fiji his family was also some SOL and he left home because of it. Fiji said she needs some time to trust him again, because he keeps omitting things. Meh. Creek tells Manfred she is in it to win it with him. Meh.

This is the fifth episode and honestly the show is only mildly better. I’m almost at the point where I think they should just focus on Lem and Olivia. They are way more interesting than the other couples. Can we also get more Joe? Did he fall to earth for love? Was he thrown out of heaven? These are important questions. Sigh. Still no excitement from this show overall. Just like Creek I’ll keep watching because I’m in it to win it.

Next week…

When a local girl goes missing, the Midnighters try to find her before law enforcement descends into town. Manfred (François Arnaud) and Creek (Sarah Ramos) discover Aubrey’s murder was not an isolated incident — someone or something is killing young women in Midnight. In the race to find the missing girl, Bobo (Dylan Bruce) resolves to get justice for Aubrey. Lem (Peter Mensah) and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) join the hunt, not knowing if the killer is human or supernatural. Complicating matters, Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) is haunted by a demonic entity and seeks answers from the Rev (Yul Vázquez) while Joe (Jason Lewis) struggles to maintain the secret that protects his family.