American Horror Story: Cult “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” (Recap) – So beekeeping is still a thing?

“Lesbians we’re under attack.”
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
I cannot believe I’m still not hiding under my bed. I survived ‘IT’ and this episode of Bozo and the Mass Murders aka American Horror Story: Cult. This week’s episode starts the with Twisty (of course it does) and a three faced creepy clown terrorizing Ally and her son – and me. Or, is this attack a figment of both of their imaginations? And mind? LOL.
Ally runs downstairs to tell Ivy about Twisty and three faces upstairs. Ivy goes completely gangster and grabs a butchers knife and prepares to clown tartar the intruders. Once she goes upstairs she finds nothing. Ivy tells Ally she’s getting tired of her crazy, but they manage to engage in sexy times with batshit crazy. To quote AJANI Walker form Twitter, “They went from freaking to freaking.”
ozzy-alley- #ahscult
Kai is a slimy asshole, who would be right at home hanging out with the crying Nazi. Well done Evan Peters you are truly a great actor because I want to slap the shit out of you in every scene you appear. Of course the video he made last week of the migrant workers rightfully kicking his ass makes it to the TV stations. This spurs community fear and hatred of the local immigrants. Straight play out of the book of racism. How many fake crimes have been blamed on African Americans, Muslims and Hispanic Americans only to find out they never happened? This is not unusual to people of color in this country so it’s hard to be shocked by Kai’s tactic.

Kai decides to stoke racial fears to get elected to office. Cough, cough Trump. As soon as he emerges the courthouse after his “assault” Kai announces he is running for the now vacant council seat left by the deceased Asian councilmen. Slime ball.
New neighbors move in across the street into the house of the slaughtered neighbors. This couple can only be described as loons who I don’t think anyone else will have honestly. They run a Nicole Kidman fansite. But why though? The husband is a gay beekeeper who collects guns. Later in the episode the hot mess wife says Beekeeper started collecting guns when President Obama was elected. Sigh. It amazes me how we Americans are so fascinated and in love with guns. But, the husband himself says how phallic he finds guns. Well that certainly explains it – looking at you NRA. It’s the small things, huh? Wink. The wife says they are high school best friends who got married because of a pact. If they both were unmarried by the age of blah blah then they would marry each other. A lot of us made this pact, but I really never known anyone that kept it. But, since the wife watches all the housewives shows we can be friends. What? We all need some mindless TV, especially since I watch wall to wall Trump, Russia, and now Hurricane.

Ivy receives an alert from ADT telling her the alarm is going off at the store. That’s not how that works, but it’s a plot device to get Ally to go to the store. Whilst there she finds the restaurant’s manager hanging on a meat hook in the freezer. Earlier in the episode the manager gets into an argument with Hispanic cook, Pedro, so you already know right? Blame him for the murder, further the racial fear of immigrants. Cough, cough Kai.

Ivy has Dr. Vincent come check on Ally who is steadily going further over the Cuckoo’s Nest. For some reason the neighbor thinks it’s a good idea to give her a gun. Nooooooo! Nooooooo! Kai shows up at her front door just in time to further push Ally over the edge. He is campaigning and I guess doing canvasing. But, Ally recognizes his as the coffee thrower. She announces she will not vote for him. Kai said, “Thanks have a great day.” Yeah right, he spews more false hatred and stokes her fears even more.

Winter decides to take her job way serious by drawing a bath and let’s just say manually relaxing Ally. Meanwhile, there is an unusual black out in the city. Nicely done writers I remember when this happened for real. Hello Detroit relatives. Then it happens. The best line ever uttered on the show – all the installments the next door neighbor arrives at the front door and says, “Lesbians, we’re under attack.” Best. Line. Ever. Because Ivy knows Ally is freaking out over the loss of power, she sends Pedro to take supplies and a phone charger to her wife. In the confusion of the dark Ally shoots him. Because of course!

Overall, I enjoyed this episode just like last week. So far the season is proving to be interesting. The mix of Ally’s anxiety and real events is truly scary in my opinion. Ally is a character that is a turned up version of some of the off kilter feelings a few of have in Trump’s America. Also, I am thoroughly interested in all the characters and I want to see where the writers take us and them. I am also interested in where Ally and Ivy got their bathtub. So cute.

See ya next week. Thoughts, theories, groans, moans?