American Horror Story: Cult “Neighbors from Hell” (Recap) – Quick, everybody calm up!

This show seriously knows how to take any little fear you might have and turn up the volume on it. Thanks to the opening scene of last nights episode ‘Neighbors from Hell’ I’m now a little queasy about coffins.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**

The episode starts with Dr. Rudy seeing one of his cured patients who has a case of coffin phobia or necrophobia. When she and her husband return home to celebrate her hard work they are attacked by the clowns and of course locked in caskets to die. So, Dr. Rudy is in on this right? Over Ivy and Ally’s the police informs Ally of her white lady privilege. Remember last episode she shot Pedro. The police say Ally is in the clear because of stand your ground and you know Pedro was Hispanic and whatnot so…

Of course Kai wants Ally to know he approves. Meanwhile, the batshit couple across the street took a 23&me and found out the husband is 10 percent Mexican. Oh lord! So now they think Ally is a racist. And, most of the town is protesting at the couples cute little restaurant. Winter returns to work because Ivy asks her to come back. I’m puzzled as to why, because again there must be more baby sitters in town. Winter also lets some guy into the house. Apparently someone took an ad asking men to come to their house for fellatio – yeah I know. Dr. Rudy suggests Ally go in an inpatient facility. Best advice ever!! Instead Ally takes her dumbass to talk to the protesters. When they get even angrier Kai shows up to calm the crowd. When they return home, they find the neighbors across the street have given Ozzie a guinea pig. They tell her Ozzie needs a male in his life because he is drowning in estrogen and white privilege. The lines this guy has are amazing!

For some reason Kai is visiting them and “culting” the wife. He tells her everything is someone else’s fault. That sums up most of the white supremacist and neo nazis right there. The whole pull yourself up by your bootstraps mantra only applies to nonwhites. If you reach a certain age and you have failed to keep up with the times or your life hasn’t turned out the way you like, find someone to blame. Most times if you’re white it’s the blacks, Hispanics or Muslims.

The little family goes down to the restaurant and has a good family night. When they return to their house someone has nucked the guinea pig. Ally goes off on her favorite suspects – the neighbors. They tell her they had nothing to do with it and that Ally/Ivy’s house has been marked by the killers. Ozzie discovers there is a mark also on the neighbor’s house. As Ally is going inside her house she meets the naked chemical people spraying green shit on her lawn. Are there aliens in town too? I mean damn.

Man neighbor (can’t remember his name) also meets with Kai who asks him if he wants Wife neighbor dead. Detective Jack Samuels who we now know is the neighbors friend comes over and verifies the house has been legit marked. Ozzie finds a video of Ally and Winter when Alley was in the tub. Yikes. Ivy announces she out of there and taking Ozzie with her. As they leave Man neighbor is outside screaming because something has happened to Wife neighbor. And I have to say he is having the best lines this season. When the cops tell him to calm down, he states no you need to calm up! Get on my level. Well done writers!!!!

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