American Horror Story: Cult “Election Night” (Recap) – Killer Clowns, Cheetos Facials and Therapy

I must admit when I first heard the season would be election centered I thought no, we’ve suffered enough. We are still suffering daily as that orange tinged twit continues to dismantle our Republic. Guess you know whom I voted for. But, AHS: Cult is trying to do something unique by pointing out some of our ridiculousness – on many sides, many sides. At least I think that’s the point. 😏 Tonight’s episode is called Election Night and just like the real one – boy oh boy was it a doozy.
This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT — Pictured: Evan Peters as Kai Anderson. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

Gone is the frankly stupid reality show based season that was Roanoke, and in its place we have a sort of real time look at the anxiety and fear some Americans face that is being stoked by the election of Donald Trump. Some of us knew this administration would be the dumpster fire it has proven itself to be and we were rightfully horrified election night. The first part of the episode deals with that and shows some of the other sides reaction. Enter a blue haired Evan Peters, as Kai Anderson, a young alt-right Trump supporter sans tiki torch. I honestly think he is channeling Steven Miller here, ick to me even typing that name on my site. 🤢 Anderson-Smurf seems to be a somewhat educated young man, who for reasons I guess we’ll learn later this season is into Trump’s hateful, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted message. His support is for those reasons, no evidence of economic anxiety or any of the many other faux reasons people have given for voting for Trump. We are also are introduced to Sarah Paulson (Ally) and Allison Pill (Ivy) playing a couple who is holding an election night viewing party which of course ends with Armageddon. At the party is an Asian couple – the husband chastises his wife for not voting at all. Yeah, there was a lot of that this election. We then meet Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson. She has dropped out of school to work for Hills failed campaign. Winter and Kai are a warped brother and sister who have made some twisted bet regarding the election. A bet that has Winter apply for a job as the nanny of Ally and Ivy’s son. So many freakin’ questions? Why are these two fucked up? Where are their parents? Which one of them is more fucked up? Why is Evan wearing Cheetos? Is that a thing among the alt right now? And, also nice shade on Trump writers! Hat-tip.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT — Pictured: Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

Not only is Ally dealing with the election of Trump she apparently has several mental illnesses already. One of which is Coulrophobia. If you follow this site you know I also have this – clowns suck and no one will convince otherwise. Enter Twisty. Yes his ass shows back up to terrorize us all. Twisty decides to practice his knife skills on a young couple in the woods. The writers did something interesting here, I think Twisty’s scene is taking place in a graphic comic only or is it? This is one of the many blurring of reality scenes that happens this episode. Another hat-tip.

Ally seeks help from her therapist Dr. Rudy Vincent played by Cheyenne Jackson. He gives her one piece of advice I think I need to take, but haven’t. Dr. Vincent tells Ally to get off social media. Honestly, I had to change my alerts on my phone because every time Orange Twitter fingers did something it would send me into a fit. This is clearly what Paulsons character is going through causing her anxiety levels to become off the charts. Ally goes to a market later that night and encounters Chaz Bono as a red hatter. Using him as a Trump supporter deserves another hat tip. Also, inside the store according to Ally’s mind is a gang of knife wielding clowns; two are even having sex near the produce section. Makes me really not want to buy any lettuce anytime soon. This is another scene that I question if it’s happening or is it in Ally’s mind. I mean why would the clowns decide to have sexy times near the watermelons? That’s not hot.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT — Pictured: Billie Lourd as Winter Richards. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

Evans character petitions the local council about allowing chaos to rule the town or some rhetoric nonsense. Turns out the Asian husband from earlier is the chairman of the council and basically tells Steven I mean, Kai “although you’ve crawled from under the rocks and the bottom of the ponds, and from underneath the bridges from which you belong, you will not win. Even if Heir Trump is in office we will resist.” Ok, that’s not exactly what he said, but he did inform him that decency and justice will win in the end, calls him son and tells him to move it along. To which Evan replies there is nothing more dangerous than a humiliated man. I won’t go on about how we got here in the first place, but always think about Trump at the 2011 correspondence dinner.

Ally and Ivy are having problems – serious problems including sexual ones, which I guess could explain Ally’s hallucinating the clowns screwing in the produce section. Back at Al-Iv’s house newly hired nanny Winter decides to force the son to watch snuff films. Where is Mrs. Doubtfire when you need her? When the kid sees an ice cream truck full of clowns roll into the neighborhood she actually takes the kid to see what the Insane Clown Posse is doing inside the neighbor’s house. Of course, they weren’t passing out Bomb Pops instead they were murdering the Asian councilman and his wife. Now in real life Kai would be suspect number one just for what he said on the council floor, but we’ll see.

Kai is going to be just the worse person ever I think. Also, he antagonizes a group of Mexican workers by throwing a urine filled condom on them. Of course he only videos the part where they kick his ass. We already know how this is going to go right? After another freak out of Ally’s, (there are many, btw) the couple arrive home to find their friends/neighbors have been killed. The son tries to tell his parents that Winter let him watch the murder, but she says the kid is imagining something that never happened. Sounds like mommy. I actually for a second have a little less sympathy for Ally after it is revealed she was a goddamn Jill Stein protest voter. Get her clowns! Just kidding.

Overall, I was really surprised at how much I liked this episode, as I stated above the reality of the Trump election has been hard on many of us. I know some of you call it whining, or being a snowflake. But, the anxiety and fear of what he will do next is real. His policies are posing a real danger to many people of color, homosexuals, transgender, and women, basically anyone who isn’t a white straight male. We’ve also seen the nation’s underbelly and pariahs have been emboldened by Trump. This episode does an amazing job of highlighting that as well pointing the hypocrisy of the protest and nonvoters. Some of them are really shook but hey they helped create this mess. This is all pointed out, whilst entertaining us with crazy ass clowns, Twisty and clearly mentally disturbed nannies. And lest forget there was also four brutal murders.

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