Midnight, Texas: “The Virgin Sacrifice” (Recap) – Second season or nah?

First off, I apologize for not recapping that weird middle of the week episode – Riders on the Storm. Something leads me to believe there will not be second season, hence NBC airing all 10 of the episodes as quickly as possible.

This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
Here are a few brief take aways from the last episode: the demon is following Fiji because she is a virgin. She’s a virgin because when she was younger whilst trying to do the deed with her boyfriend she mistakenly kills him. At that time Fiji hadn’t learned to control her powers, so he became a casualty. Second, Olivia is breaking my heart and planning on leaving Lem and Midnight after the battle for Fiji’s virginity. The group decides to flee, but decides to return after they realize the demon is following Fiji. So basically, everywhere Fiji is so is the demon.

Monday’s episode, The Virgin Sacrifice, started where the previous episode ends, with the Midnight Scooby gang on its way back to town to help Fiji, who ran away from the group during the night. They cobble up a bunch of weapons so the Padre can bless them, hoping this will aid them in fighting the demon. Unfortunately, for Fiji the spirit who has been guiding her only looks like Jeremy (the boyfriend she killed). He is just like the rest of the demon militia Wraith has put in place. Manfred and the rag tag band of saviors arrive back in Midnight for battle.

During the confrontation near Fiji’s my girl Olivia gets badly injured. Meanwhile, Manfred attempts to find an evil conduit. He plans to take all the spirits into him to help him fight Wraith. Lem offers him some on his blood because it helps human be a bit supernatural. This is a carry over from True Blood. The Padre offers the church to keep the Midnighters safe if the plan doesn’t work. Meanwhile Fiji has decided to give herself to Wraithmaster (I didn’t catch the demon’s name) and murder him in the process. There’s a joke there, a crude one that I won’t pursue.

Creek drives a severely hurt Olivia to the hospital. On the way she tells her to give Lem a message. Olivia wants Lem to know she would have come back to him. Manfred plan to be multi-possessed works. Bobo tells Fiji they she should sleep with him instead, that way Wratithmaster won’t want her anymore. It’s a better plan than hers. 😏 Bobo and Fiji make love and Wratithmaster realizes it and decides to kill everyone. Manfred was up to the challenge and defeats Wraithmaster in another anticlimactic battle. Bobo tells Lem about Olivia would who according to Creek is not doing well. Lem arrives just in time to save Olivia. Madonna is on the phone with someone I think is Olivia’s father. Interesting.

The episode ends with my favs Lem and Olivia getting married in the actual church. Love it! They really are hot and cute. The other couples are also together in the end, Bobo and Fiji, Creek and Manfred, and Joe and Chuy. This ending is too easy right? Of course a real estate developer arrives in town to renovate the hotel and revitalize Midnight.

Again I’m almost certain there will be no second season. So we’re unlikely to know what happens in the TV version of Midnight. This show really did have potential but something about it seemed to be off. The execution from book to TV just never drew you all the way into the series. Maybe if it gets a second season the writers can work out the kinks. Maybe instead of monster of the week they pick a battle a season like it’s sister show Tue Blood. Every show can’t pull off what Supernatural and Buffy does.

Goodnight Midnight!