American Horror Story: Cult “Holes” (Recap) – Wall to wall crazy

In true American Horror Story fashion this episode is full of head shaking shenanigans. The episode called Holes also dropped a lot of clues as to how the characters in this crazy season relate to one another. Speaking of relating, we’ll discuss that a little later. *This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
Early in the episode we find out Kai and Beverly are taking a page from the GOP playbook, straight scare politics. Beverly is doing a stellar job of reporting sensationalized versions Kai’s manufactured crimes. To make sure voters want to vote for Kai, because only he can keep them safe. Sounds familiar. I thought Kai is crazy, but Beverly isn’t exactly a bastion of sanity either. She tells Kai the killer clown posse needs to go on a pap stroll, let the people see the crazy in action to make them really scared.

Meanwhile, Ally is breaking out in a rash of some sort. According to Dr. Vincent is brought on by her psychological problems. I’m still wondering about his sincerity, but he does tell her to move into a hotel, which I think she should do. There’s security there, it might help her get some sleep and peace for – few nights at least. In a flashback we see Ally and Ivy haven’t been happy in a long time. But, it does seem as if Ally was trying.

Damn, I thought I was mad at the third party voters. As we know the big reveal last week was that Ivy knew Winter before. This week we find out she in fact has been (as some suspected) working with Kai and his crew of insane clowns the whole time. Ivy is really pissed that Trump won, and she is really really pissed Ally voted for Jill Stein instead of Hillary. I hear you girl, but damn. She has been helping the crew drive Ally crazy, even setting up Winter to “bathe” Ally. This was Ivy’s catalyst to leave her wife.

The Insane Clown Posse visit Dermott Mulroney’s (Bob Thompson) house to exact some vengeance for Beverly being fired for her over the top news items. Ummm, I never thought I would be typing this but, it turns out Bob has a gimp in his attic. What the forever fuck? People do some fucked up bullshit behind closed doors. But, I sincerely hope this is not a thing. As they kill Bob they literally start chanting. Maga, Maga. No that’s not what they said. But to further scare the hell out of the public Beverly somehow gets hired again and airs the video of Bob’s death. I’m pretty sure the FCC wouldn’t have had something to say about that, but ok then I guess.

Poor lonely mentally disturbed Ally decides to spy on Man Neighbor from across the street, she discovers Hot Cop is his lover. Whilst lurking she discovers Women Neighbor (Meadow) is lying in a freshly dug grave, but she’s not dead. Instead she is begs Ally for help. Ally rushes back to her house and calls 911 and Ivy. Meadow somehow frees herself and tells Ally everything about the cult and its members including Ivy.

Over at Insane Clown Posse central Kai gives a speech about winning or some shit. He also wants the members to pledge their loyalty to him, by all taking time to kill one of the posse. They all do it even Ivy and Winter who are not quite as sadistic as the rest.

We are treated a truly delightful backstory of how Kai went crazy. Turns out Dr. Vincent is his big brother. I knew Dr. Vinny was too good to be true in Ally’s world. When Kai, Winter, and Dr. V’s mom kills their abusive father and then herself Dr. V has the parents literally entombed in their bedroom. He says his practice is still new and they need the parents money. If they go to the authorities the estate tax will eat up their inheritance. I mean how cold? This whole thing is interesting because the members of Kai’s Insane Clown Posse truly pledged their allegiance to a mad man. They’ve thrown their entire moral compasses out of the window. All of this seems so familiar. Where have I seen this before? Oddly, enough while I was perusing the Internet I am finding there are a lot of people who aren’t digging this season. I have to disagree I am entertained, the writer’s are doing a good job of pointing out some of the terrifying and sometimes hypocritical things both sides of the spectrum are doing right now. Our side is a little less crazy though; I stand by that.

Next week…