American Horror Story: Cult “Mid-Western Assassin” (Recap) – Not a boss…

Last night this cazy season went further down the rabbit hole of insanity. We got more of the how and whys of Kai’s band of merry nutters. Mid-Western Assassin was a dark episode. Big hat tips to the producers of the series for re-cutting the show and making it less violent. Continued thoughts to the City of Las Vegas.
*This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
Finally Ally is having her Angela Bassett Waiting to Exhale moment. She grew some ovaries and rescues Madison’s extra annoying ass. Man Neighbor and Hot Cop had her ass tied up in the garage, because Kai’s spell eventually wore off of her and Madison wanted to leave. But, once in the club always in the club I suppose. Madison tells Ally everything, to which Ally declares I’m not leaving without my son. Madison tells Ally that Ivy has hated her for the last couple of years, especially since Ally gave birth to Ozzie. She has spent all these years being resentful. I mean girl call a lawyer. Madison also talks about how she loved Kai, and how she felt betrayed by societies expectations. He made her feel strong because she was not a boss bitch. Madison says she wants to kill Kai. We all scream, Do it, do it!”

Enter our hero Mare Winningham (Sally Keffler)! Mare’s character sees through Kai’s bullshit. She throws her hat into the ring for city council. Mare is an old school Regan type politician. And, most importantly she isn’t afraid of Kai.

Meanwhile Ally and Madison go to Dr. Vincent. Ally wants her to tell him everything because she needs a witness so for the police. While Mads and Doc V are gabbing, Ally goes over to tell Sally about the cult. In true G fashion Sally lights a joint and tells Ally she believes her. She says that patriarchy always fucks shit up. Not in those words but close enough. In true Kai – dashing our manner hopes – shows up with his gang of killer clowns. But, wait Sally pulls her handgun from her desk. Instead of her having a Dirty Harriet moment, she starts to wax poetic about someone making a move. Not the time, girl. We all scream, Do it, do it!” Instead, Kai prevails and stages Sally’s death as a suicide. Ally hides in the bathroom, and Ivy in her clown mask let’s her remain hidden. For some reason I think it’s actually Winter under that mask.

Ally returns to Dr. Vincent’s to find Madison has left. Ally decides she’s not going to take this lying down. She takes her dumbass to another one of Kai’s rallies. She discovers Madison in the crowd. Mads pulls a gun from her bag and starts shooting people. The most important person she shoots is Kai. In another stupid move Ally grabs the gun from Madison just as she blows her brains out. Great now your fingers-prints are on the gun – stupid. Of course the police show up as Ally is holding the gun. So now you’ve been framed for attempted murder. This of course was Kai’s plan. It was all planned, even the suicide.

I like this episode a lot even though it was stressful as hell. Unfortunately Mare’s character wasn’t meant to be. Damn this is second time ‘I’m with her’ got the lunatic elected. Sad.

Next week…
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