American Horror Story: Cult “Winter Of Our Discontent” (Recap) – Full Jim Jones

This season of insanity has been filled with one crazy adventure after the next. The writers manage to pull from just about every theme known to man. We have had clowns, we have classic serial killing, we have had a mass shooting, and last week we even had a reenactment of Julius Ceasar’s murder. This week just good measure we have Kai going full Jim Jones.

*This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**
Kai gets his very own Mike Pence in the form of his brother Dr. Vincent, who declares his allegiance to the Insane Clown Posse. He also gets his own version of the Brown Shirts and he has basically turned the women of the cult into the Hand Maidens Tale. Beverly, Ivy and Winter have been relegated to preparing and serving meals for the menfolk. Kai has also pushed the city council to accept his “blue shirts” as extra security in town. Although only one council member objected they do as Kai suggests. It’s really interesting that the complacency of this mock cultist reality resembles the fuckery that is actually our country’s reality. Well done writers, I noticed when I referenced the Brown Shirts not many people knew what I meant. Talk about scary, especially with the tiki torch carrying idiots coming from under whatever bridges trolls dwell.

Moving on. Beverly has had it and she’s decides she going to kill Kai. Winter tells her she can get through to him and make him realize how the women are being treated. She tells us during flashback about the time she and Kai went to visit one of those fucked up Christian Judgment Houses. A Judgment House as defined by the people who run them as: a walk-through drama that presents the truth of people’s choices versus the consequences of those decisions both in this life and the next. In other words they set up different scenes (abortion, drugs, sex, etc) to make their moral points about how you should never do any of those things. Big fat eye roll. Rev Charles is in charge of this one. And let’s just say Rev. Chuck ain’t actually behaving very Christian. He is not actually using actors but real people he’s kidnapped and doing some fucked up shit to them. Kai rescues the victims and kills Rev. Charles. Interesting how he’s doing some really fucked up shit of his own.

As the episode continues, Kai comes up with even more fucked up shit. He really has decided to handmaiden his sister. He wants Winter to fuck Detective Jack while he fucks Detective Jack so they can produce a baby. Just no. Kai really has been studying this cult leader playbook. David Koresh and Jim Jones both had sex and children with their cult members. It turns out Dr. Vincent is trying to get Kai committed on down low. He tells a newly released Ally his plan after confessing to her about his family ties. Vincent also tells us Kai stole his files and that’s how he knew about Ally.

Winter couldn’t fuck Detective Jack, because he’s not into women like that. Kai has been invited to dinner by Ally. Ally makes Manwhich. Do they still make that? I want some. Anyway, she tells him about his brother Vincent’s plan to have him committed. At first Kai doesn’t believe her, but Ally is stronger mentally because she sees she has been played. Kai’s punishment for Winter is to make her clean up liter on the side of the road. He sends Detective Jack to bring her lunch. Detective Jack goes into his very messed up backstory. He met Kai when he was selling fake med scripts to the local college students. Detective Jack says he wants 79 percent of the take and a blow job. Detective Jack is sexually confused AF and a fan of Hitler. I just cannot. Kai makes him realize he’s gay and fucks him. But, when Winter tells Detective Jack he’s gay he decides to rape her to prove he’s not. She flips the script and shots him in the head. Why do I feel the writers are calling out the tiki torch carrying idiots? Sexually repressed, closeted and abusive to women, seems to check all the boxes to me.

Kai and his still loyal merry men round up the traders to his cause: Vincent and Beverly so they can pay for their sins. Vincent attempts to plead for his life because they are brothers. But Kai cuts off his finger and he kills him anyway. On to Beverly. She finally went off on Kai and calls him out on his ego and narcissism. He still respects her too much to kill her so he puts her in isolation. Kai also takes time to welcome the cults newest member Ally.

There are only a few episodes left and I can’t wait to see how this all ends. Who will be the last man or woman standing? As of now my money is Ally.

Next week…