‘Bad Blood: The Movie’ – Giving the 80s creature feature a revival

Directed by: Tim Reis
Written by: Tim Reis
Stars: Mary Malloy, Vikas Adam, Troy Halverson, Brian Troxell, Grayson Kilpatrick, Tomi Lavinder, and David Alexander.
Rating: R /Unrated — Runtime: 1h 30 min
Our Rating: ★★

There’s a bit of nostalgia brewing in the horror genre right now, perhaps it’s a reaction to the reboot craze. So, instead of rebooting the tried and true, we are now starting to revisit the past with new takes on old formulas. Remember creature features? Enter Bad Blood: The Movie.

Returning home from college, Victoria Miller finds herself in a loveless home with her broken mother, her cruel stepfather, and her snot-nosed stepbrother. When she escapes one full moon night in her stepfather’s car, she is nearly mauled to death by an amphibious “werefrog”. Soon Victoria herself transforms into the hideous frog monster and wreaks havoc on her family and town.

Yes, you read that right. There’s “werefrog”. Instead of using the reliable narrative of a person turning into a werewolf every 30 days during the full moon, the lead character, Victoria turns into a really pissed off amphibian. During her disappearance her parents hire a detective, who is actually mentally troubled himself. This part of the plot is not fully explained as far as I could tell. But, there are some odd scenes that show this character reacting in a psychotic manner to different interactions with certain characters. There’s quite a bit of this in the film, some of the plots are referenced but not fully explained. They make it a point to show us the step-dad is mean, but never tell us why. Is he like the evil step parents from the Disney movies? They also give us a little bit of how this “were-frog” virus all started, but not enough. It would have been nice to maybe get a flashback here to show the origin of the were-frog.

There are only a few kills in this, but they are pretty gruesome for a film with a limited budget. But, one kill you will clap for is Victoria’s horrible step dad, he is awful like previously mentioned. Even though we’re not sure why he’s terrible, his kill pays off nonetheless. Bad Blood: The Movie is a campy mess, but I think that’s the point. I have to admit I like this, it does have that 80s creature feature kind of vibe to it. Think Toxic Avengers or CHUD. I guess I’m really nostalgic this week.

HorrorFatale says if you have time on your hands one night – Watch it.

Bad Blood: The Movie will screen in select cities across the U.S. and will be available “Day-and-Date” via all On Demand platforms including AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum Cable, Amazon Video, iTunes Movies, and many more on October 13th.