‘Cult of Chucky’ (Review) – If slow and weird is on the menu

Directed by: Don Mancini
Written by: Don Mancini
Stars: Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent
Rating: R /Unrated — Runtime: 1h 30 min
Our Rating: ★★

Is it me or somewhere the Child’s Play story-line veered to the really weird and kind of stayed there? Don’t get me wrong I actually liked the introduction of Jennifer Tilly’s character of the Tiffany, and I liked that the franchise went a bit tongue in cheek with her and giving her a killer doll. All franchises eventually crank out a comedic version; Freddy actually dropped a house on someone once. But, ever since Seed of Chucky this franchise has just become straight up strange. I know we are suspending reality for the series, but it just got weird. They added a son, that was a transgender (Hat tips for the progressiveness of that) but that film was an exercise in bizarre and a bit unnecessary. Writer/director Don Mancini also appears to be dropping it because the character has not been mentioned anymore so far.

After Seed the franchise turns back to the original less humorous narrative, but something is still off. After a nine year hiatus, the franchise returns with the Curse of Chucky which as you remember gave the origin story of Charles Lee Ray and we see the return of Alex Vincent, the original Andy Barclay. He actually (spoiler alert) shoots Chucky in the end of that film.

In this installment, Cult of Chucky, we follow Nica, a character from Curse. She is the newest victim of Chucky’s hate. Nica is inside a mental institution, because no one believes her warnings about Chucky. We also watch a now grown up Andy struggle with ‘maybe I’m crazy’ because of course no one else believes his now almost 30 year Chucky story. Although the voice still belongs to Brad Dourif there’s something off putting about the modernized Chucky doll. It’s not creepy in the horror movie sense just plain old off putting. He kind of makes the skin crawl. Or, at least mine. Now if that’s the reaction they are going for with this then mission accomplished. However, with that exception even with the kills this film is slow and a bit boring.
Cult Of Chucky
It’s nice to see Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent reprise their respective roles in the film, but other than seeing how the actors have physically changed this movie is a bit pointless. It was somehow better to see Chucky terrorizing younger versions of Andy and the people that surrounded him then it is to watch a bunch of adult psych patients run from the ole good guy doll. As far as the basic horror movie elements there are some bloody kills, they even threw in a decapitation. The actors are sufficient and I love that Brad Dourif and his daughter have the same hair. Cult of Chucky has an ending that makes room for another. So, if you are inclined for a slow story line with not much payoff then this is perfect.

Cult of Chucky is out on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on October 3, 2017.