Kill Creek – (The Book Report)

What happens when 4 masters of horror spend the night in the world’s most infamous haunted house?

Anyone who is a reader of this site knows how partial we are to a good old-fashioned ghost story. Scott Thomas’s novel, Kill Creek, fits the bill to the tee. Inside its pages this book introduces us to what seems to be an ordinary house in Kansas. One where the rooms are filled with love and laughter, only to be unsettled by the violent deaths of two love stuck inhabitants. This begins the cycle of unexplained incidents in the house on Kill Creek, as residents seem to leave quickly or pass away mysteriously.

The house over the course of years begins to be considered haunted by the town residents. In fact, the house was thought of as so dangerous a barb-wired gate is erected around the property to deter looky loos and trespassers.

The author Scott Thomas uses vivid descriptions of his characters and their surroundings to the set the scene for the haunted property. He also gives an interesting back-story for the main character, Sam McGarver. McGarver is a horror writer that is lecturing a local collage about the elements of Gothic. He is also separated from his wife and apparently procrastinating on writing of his next novel. Right on cue of course, Sam is invited along with a couple of other horror writers to spend Halloween Night inside the house on Kill Creek, now called Finch House after its last now deceased owners.

Thomas manages to weave together solid narratives about the characters backgrounds while interjecting elements and depictions of the macabre surroundings that make up the sinister house itself. The overall tale of Finch House uses classic horror story elements as you the reader try to grasp what or who is behind the poltergeist. Why is the Finch House so angry towards the living?

Just in time for Halloween Scott Thomas’s Kill Creek is available through InkShares.