“Two Sentence Horror Stories” – Tales from the Dark Side for the modern folk…

If you are just old enough to remember Tales from the Dark Side or even Tales from the Crypt then this series will be an extremely enjoyable show for you to watch. Even if you have no idea what either of those shows are, but you enjoy a good thriller my bet is you will also enjoy this series.

Series creator, writer, director and producer Vera Miao (“Best Friends Forever”) manages to weave progressive themes such as: racism, bio-hacking, LGBTQ and cyber-hacking into surreal suspenseful mini-thrillers. The stories are extremely well written and Maui fleshes the characters out well enough to make you want to know what their fates will be in each scene. The casts of each episode do a great job with these characters in these limited time-frames. General Hospital actress, Carolyn Hennesy, makes a memorable appearance in a later episode “Second Skin”, which is one of the bloodier episodes of the series. Even though each episode is only about 15 minutes the directors each manage to tell a complete well shot story.

The Miao directed episode “Ma” is very reminiscent of the 1976 horror classic ‘Carrie’ but updated for a younger generation. However, the tale of sexual awakening and parental abuse still rings true in the retelling. In fact, there is one scene when the character of Mona is getting dressed that parallels the one where Carrie White is getting dressed for that ill-fated prom. The episode “Snap” directed by Danny Perez (“Antibirth”) is great tale about revenge from beyond the grave and how cyber-bullying always goes wrong. Another standout episode, “Guilt Trip” directed by JD Dillard (“Sleight” and upcoming “Sweetheart”) deals with racism and bias in a candid and enthralling manner. It’s also very timely given the current climate right now.

As the title of the series states, each episode is bookended by a single poignant statement. The two sentences are beautifully chosen and actually kind haunting and extremely accurate. The HorrorFatale says go watch this immediately. ★★★★ Great, an interesting daring concept.

The five-episode series is available on go90.com, part of Verizon’s global media portfolio of video content and platforms with a new episode available every Tuesday.