American Horror Story: Cult “Charles (Manson) in Charge” (Recap) – So no wig budget this season huh?

So this episode started out problematic, hopefully that was the intent. White feminists waxing poetic about how Hilary’s victory will be more historic, because black people were only disenfranchised for a few hundred years and they got the right to vote first. Never mind that pesky slavery and black women in America went um, excuse me honey. #intersectionality
*This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**

Winter and her girlfriends are watching the September 2016 debate between between Hils and Orange Twitter Fingers and they basically parrot all the usual white privileged feminist talking points, to which Kai really overreacts. He literally slaps one of Winter’s friends while he spouts more of his fuckboi nonsense about how white males are the most persecuted. To which 10 year old Tamir Rice, Trevon Martin, Sandra Bland, Freddy Gray, and many others said um, excuse us bruh. For his misdeed of abusing a woman Kai is sentenced to anger management therapy. His doctor is Bebe Babbitt, the supposed girlfriend of Valerie Solanas. She tells Kai he must use Trump’s pathetic model to help females unleash their rage so they can secure their proper place in society. Apparently, this is some fucked up residual plan of Solanas. How about you help empower women through support, respect and understanding they have agency over their own bodies instead, but I guess her way is crazier so carry on.

Kai finds out during a rally his cultist personality is not making him new followers. Sounds familiar, so he decides to regale the fuckbois with a new fireside chat. This time Kai tells the tale of Charles Manson and the infamous The Tate-Labianca Murders. It was brutal to actually watch the re-enactment of these murders. But, also hat tips to the show because it was also very well done. To get his very own Helter Skelter Kai convinces Gary to be the sacrificial lamb so they can stage his murder to enrage the right wing to re-rally around him. I mean homeboy cut off his hand, so dying I guess wasn’t too much to ask. Sadly, they drag poor Beverly from the hole so she can report the death. But, she’s so broken and barely makes it though the report. Even Bev’s wig looked beat! Winter claims she feels bad and offers Bev a train ticket so she can escape. However, neither we nor Beverly trust her so she refuses and declares her allegiance to Kai.

Kai continues to spiral down the crazy hole. He even gets a visit from Charles Manson – in his mind. Of course, Charles is still hangin’ out in Hotel California where he will likely die. Ally also shows Kai a bug she claims to have found. Bebe shows up to tell him he has fucked up the mission of enraging females to take power. She slaps Kai around and prepares to shot him, but Ally shots her in the head instead. To which delusion Charles Manson says well Ally sure ain’t the mole. So who does that leave? 🤔😏

Finally, Winter gets her comeuppance!! 👏🏾 Kai tells her he knows she is a mole. Winter points out his full crazy, to which Charlie Manson amens. Ally stokes the crazy fire more and tells Winter about the tape recorder she know Winter planted. Kai literally strangles Winter to death. I mean some real Shakespearean shit guys. Turns out Speedwagon is the mole! Guess what Ally knows.

Next week on the season finale…my money is on Ally for the win! I think she will end up being the cult leader and along with Beverly.