American Horror Story: Cult “Drink the Kool-Aid” (Recap) – Fact-checking will not be tolerated

First off Evan Peters is the MVP. Last night he literally embodied all the cult leaders, he portrayed Heavens Gate leader Marshall Applewhite, Branch Davidians – David Koresh and Jim Jones in a flashback history lesson for the audience and his stupid ass followers.
*This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.**

The episode opens with Kai holding this fire side chat with his cult of fuckbois. They are still pledging to do whatever he wants including castrating themselves. Later at the council meeting Kai informs his fans that he’s going to run for a senate seat. Oh joy!

Ally tells Ivy she joined the cult to get their family out of it. Winter wants to flee too because Kai’s killing of Vince apparently was the bridge too far. Not any of the other fucked up shit, he’s done this season. But, ok. Just as the ladies are about leave, Kai sends over a few of his fuckbois to make the women come to the headquarters.

Kai passes out Jim Jones juice and waxes poetic about Astro something nonsense. One of the fuckbois says, “I’m out” and declines, but also like Jim Jones Kai has him shot. Kai basically punks everyone, by not actually poisoning them. But, the fuckbois were into it. I can’t.

Back at home Ally and Ivy are about to flee again and Ivy actually fixes her mouth (Southern phrase for WTF?) to ask what about Winter. They go to the school to pick up Oz only to be told the nanny (Winter) picked him up. They then race over to the Fuckboi Headquarters where Kai is giving Oz some Kool Aid – literally. Ally knocks the cup from his hand. Oz gets mad at Ally because Kai is his father and he wouldn’t hurt him. To which Kai admits to donating sperm to the local bank and he believes Oz is his.

After they return home and decide that maybe it’s a good thing for Kai to believe that way he won’t ever really hurt Oz. Ally makes a pasta dinner for her wife. She explains to Ivy about her time in the asylum. Ally said she thought of killing herself, but instead she chose to get revenge on Ivy. Ivy basically laughs and tells Ally she’s weak and this new empowered her won’t last. Ally informs her that she put arsenic in the pasta and wine. Bye Ivy! You got what you deserved.

Kai continues his fireside chat with the fuckbois telling them more about Jim Jones. Only in this version Jesus comes back and resurrects Jones and the followers. Oz flat out calls the story bullshit and points out that Wiki says they all died and their family members buried them. This of course angers Kai to which he exclaims fake news. Sounds familiar. He has them put Oz in time out for his pesky fact checking.

Ally races over to the sperm bank and bribes the nurse into revealing who Oz’s father is. Sorry Kai, you are not the father. After finding out she invites Kai over for Manwhiches. Ally gives Kai a fake folder with his pic in it as Oz’s dad. She also tells him she murdered Ivy. He is pleased about both things. Kai takes Ally and Ivy’s body to the body storage aka his parents bedroom.

Next week…The Season Finale