Creators of “Hunt A Killer” Launch “Empty Faces” — An immersive paranormal investigation…

Gnomish Hat, the parent company and creators behind Hunt A Killer, the thriller subscription company, launched Empty Faces, an immersive paranormal investigation, bringing its popular interactive concept to horror fans everywhere.

“Empty Faces” Season one’s investigation is spread across five eerie episodes and takes members on a horrific journey to see if they have what it takes to survive. Members can play alone, in a small group or as a collaborative team by using the private Facebook community in order to solve the saga.

“We have an amazing team of imaginative minds and fiction horror writers that have been able to create unbelievable experiences in such an authentic way,” said Derrick Smith, co-founder and head of creative at Gnomish Hat. “Unlike escape rooms and watching a scary movie that can only evoke a sense of fear for a brief moment in time, Empty Faces administers a shock factor continuously, every single month. It puts the control into the player’s hands empowering them to explore and assume as they please.”

Each monthly episode is shipped directly to the member’s doorstep and is filled with bizarre objects and disturbing messages from an indescribable evil. Faster and more action-packed than Hunt A Killer’s steadily evolving adventure, Empty Faces presents additional solvable mysteries and accomplishments in each episode. Ideal for subscription lovers, horror and thriller fans, movie buffs and interactive gaming enthusiasts, Empty Faces debuts with an enrollment period limited to a coveted 2,000 members to start. Those interested in joining the scariest subscription series can submit an application to secure their exclusive pre-order membership now at Memberships are flexible and start at $30 per month.

To meet demands, Empty Faces plans to increase the number of members accepted within the coming months. The first episode is estimated to ship in January 2018 following the initial pre-launch phase.

For more information visit or email info(at)emptyfaces(dot)com.