HorrorFatale.com Picks Our Top 10 Horror Films of 2017

There was no shortage of horror released this year; unfortunately the major studio releases were lackluster, predictable and boring. However, the independent and the On Demand releases from Netflix, Lionsgate Home video and smaller production companies once again proved to be more entertaining and certainly more amusing. So let’s tuck in shall we?

The Watch and Be Entertained (Top 10)

‘It’ – This was the film most horror film lovers of a certain age were waiting to see. Although it was visually stunning and extremely well done, it wasn’t the least bit scary. And, that statement is coming from a woman with Coulrophobia. The original TV movie is just scarier. In this version honestly the adults were more frightening than Pennywise. Having said all that, it did its job and entertained us. Now we wait for the second half – gleefully. Well, as gleefully as our sour disposition can muster.

‘Happy Death Day’ – When I first saw the trailer for this I made the statement on the HF Almost Live podcast if this film done properly could go well. Let’s just say I was right. This film is clearly more black comedy than legit horror, however there were enough horror film elements to help it remain snugly in the genre. HDD is a really fun film; it is a good time.

‘Get Out’ – Jordan Peele shocked most of us, because honestly I didn’t expect much from what I am categorizing as a black comedy horror film. No pun intended, btw. The film manages to execute the standard horror troupes, albeit satirically. But, as this woman of color can tell you the cringe-worthy moments during the exchanges between the white characters and the black protagonist were accurate and horrifying.

‘Belko Experiment’– Just think Lord of the Flies meets The Office. What would you do, if given the choice between you and Peggy from accounting? I mean she did bring Krispy Crème last week for no reason. Who am I kidding, that bitch is toast. This film makes you of course root for the guys who let their humanity remain, while internally checking for yours.

‘Split’ – I find myself admitting to once again starting to like M Night Shyamalan’s work. He won me back with ‘The Visit’. Honestly, it’s hard to not like the characters James McAvoy creates in this film. However, the ending makes me angry, because one again Shyamalan leaves us confused. Is it supernatural or just the insanity of the McAvoy?

‘Escape Room’ – Full confession, I had the experience of meeting the cast, producer and the writer director. This Lionsgate release is pretty well done and well acted. As stated in our full review you are rightfully thrown off balance by the elaborate escape room scenarios. You get to feel the tension of the victims as they attempt to escape the villain.

‘Creep 2’ – What does it say about me when you are writing down the serial killers green smoothie recipe? Josef (Aaron) is damn likable, he seriously makes you wonder how many charismatic men we have all met in real life that are secretly as dark and insane as Aaron. I have to admit I am so over the “found footage”, faux documentary films, but I liked this one. Also, since I never watched Creep, I found this sequel to be a rare stand alone I think you will still enjoy.

‘1922’ – I was not familiar with the Stephen King novella, so when I read about this Netflix movie release I was automatically into it. The story is classic horror and supernatural all tied together with some giant ass creepy rats. Thomas Jane really shines in this as the protagonist, which you will genuinely hate. You will be praying for his demise.

‘The Babysitter’ – As it seems to be the theme of this year with the site, another favorite from this year involved a horror comedy. Just like ‘It’ this film gives you coming of age vibes. We get to see a human sacrifice, an ancient ritual and a pretty substantial bloody body count in this film.

‘Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies’ – This is another one of those direct On Demand releases that is surprisingly fun and entertaining. The cast is filled with a group of quirky misfits that battle angry zombies, while snowed into some Austrian town. In other words help is hardly coming. If you a fan of the Dead Snow franchise you definitely will enjoy this one.

There it is our two cents. These are the standouts this year among the dozens upon dozens of horror films we saw this year.