To Hunt A Killer: Episode 1 – Review (Can you catch a killer?)

When I first heard of this game I was extremely intrigued and excited. I mean who doesn’t want a chance to play homicide detective in the comfort and safety of their own living room? And play detective is exactly what you get to do with Hunt A Killer.

Each “episode” as the contents of the shipments are called comes with about 11 physical clues and information that piece together a narrative. The clues include: newspaper clippings, maps and letters from different characters in the game. There are also what seems like random items, my episode included a medicine cup and a piece of blue wire. The newspaper clippings provided are well written and very authentic looking. My episode also included handwritten notes on one of the newspaper articles.

From the beginning of Episode 1 of Hunt a Killer you are given just enough information and clues to make you extremely curious. The first episode contents I believe varies between players, however I’m pretty sure you should come to the same conclusion as other players who are also beginning of the game. There is also an online community where all the “detectives” can come together and share information.

One of the major clues is a letter from your assigned “pen pal” who is looking to befriend you. My “friend” is creepy as hell in their very first note. Again, I have to give hat tips to the writers for the great job they did in preparing the news articles and these letters. My pen pal is certainly eager to let me in on what he seems to know. Oh, did I mention he is a patient in a mental hospital? Nice touch. Is he a reliable source? 🤔 Is he in on it? What exactly is going on at the mental hospital? I can safely say, I’m almost sure the rest of the episodes are just as interesting as the first.

Hunt A Killer is a monthly game that gives you a chance to put your sleuthing skills to work, by providing you (the subscriber) with clues to the mystery. The packages ship Month-to-Month at $30/month, you can cancel at any time. The first box ships same-day for FREE (if ordered before 4pm EST) All other boxes arrive on the 15th of each month.

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