How Horror Are You? First Movie Date

Last night one of the cable channels was playing Candyman and I actually watched it for the first time in what has to be at least a decade. Tony Todd is still a scary mofo! I remembered Candyman was the movie I saw on my first date. Awww…anyway I’m lame Continue reading

About Lost Boys 3: Again FAIL – Just Let it Die!

I tried my best to ignore this movie; I tried to ignore the last one, but, it keeps coming back like gum on the bottom of my Louboutin, uh Steve Madden. Anyway, Douche Feldman is back and he has dragged Jamison Newlander from obscurity to continue the bastardization of what Continue reading

Another Day, Another Remake — ‘Deadly Friend’ Getting in on the Action?

There’s a rumor out there via BloodyDisgusting, by way of MovieHole that they are planning on remaking Deadly Friend in 3D. The original was the hottest ticket on HBO when I was a kid, because not only did it have a killer robot, but Mama Fratelli and she was a Continue reading

About ‘Fright Night’ Joining the Rehash Pile

I’m sooo over remakes, I really struggled with having this discussion. Really how long is this going to trudge on? We finally finished doing the Asian remakes, at least as I type this. Nevertheless, here we go, 1985’s Fright Night is getting to join all the other in the remake Continue reading