HORROR COMING TO A DVD PLAYER NEAR YOU (Tuesday, February 15, 2011)

Stag Night (2009) R Next time they’ll take a taxi: This is the lesson learned by a group of New Yorkers who, fresh on the heels of a bachelor party, hop on the subway so that they can continue to celebrate in this thriller written and directed by Peter A. Continue reading

‘I Spit on Your Grave’ Remake – Still Messed Up After All These Years

Let me premise this rant by saying I chose to watch this on DVD because I knew there would be several scenes I would be unable to watch. Keep in mind this is coming from a chick who laughed heartily at The Human Centipede and was actually a little bored Continue reading

HORROR COMING TO A DVD PLAYER NEAR YOU (Tuesday, February 08, 2011)

There is a plenty of horror movies being released today, unfortunately, it’s all kind of lukewarm. I Spit on Your Grave (2010) UR 107 minutes In this horror remake, young writer Jennifer (Sarah Butler) finds life at her rented retreat perfect for working on her first novel. But her enthusiasm Continue reading

Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Dark House’ – Miss Darrode is Kind of Cool

You already know going in that these festival movies aren’t always going to be the next great horror classic, but they can usually manage to be entertaining. This is one of those films. Dark House tells the tale of Claire who returns to the foster home where she witnessed a Continue reading