HORROR COMING TO A DVD PLAYER NEAR YOU (Tuesday, February 08, 2011)

There is a plenty of horror movies being released today, unfortunately, it’s all kind of lukewarm.
I Spit on Your Grave (2010) UR 107 minutes
In this horror remake, young writer Jennifer (Sarah Butler) finds life at her rented retreat perfect for working on her first novel. But her enthusiasm is shattered by her vicious rape. Now, the local thugs responsible will face an excruciating fate. Jennifer’s attackers command developmentally disabled Matthew (Chad Lindberg) to kill her, but he fakes the murder, leaving the scarred writer to carry out a gruesome plot for revenge.

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) R
Doors slamming shut, shadows moving across the floor — the unexplained, terrifyingly real supernatural forces are back, and this time, Dan (Brian Boland), Kristi (Sprague Grayden), Ali (Molly Ephraim), baby Hunter and dog Abby become part of the nightmare as the cameras roll. Tod Williams (The Door in the Floor) directs and Michael R. Perry (“Persons Unknown”) writes this spine-chilling sequel to the wildly popular 2009 flick.

HF Recommends… My Soul to Take (2010) R 108 minutes
I’m recommending this reluctantly, mainly because it’s Wes Craven.
Some 15 years after the presumed death of a vicious serial killer, children whose birthdays match his supposed “deathday” start to disappear. But whether the killer — or his tortured soul — is responsible remains to be seen. One boy (Max Thieriot) knows for sure, but his own connection to the horrific crimes is far too terrible to imagine. Denzel Whitaker (The Great Debaters) co-stars in this horror tale from writer-director Wes Craven.

Wait…There’s a ‘Death Race 2’?

I’m going to pretend like I’m all nose in the air about this, but between you guys I will watch this. I’m not going to bother to give any details. It’s cars going fast smashing into each other and I think I saw some hot abs. Yeah that’s the plot, enjoy!

Death Race 2 Trailer
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Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Dark House’ – Miss Darrode is Kind of Cool

You already know going in that these festival movies aren’t always going to be the next great horror classic, but they can usually manage to be entertaining. This is one of those films. Dark House tells the tale of Claire who returns to the foster home where she witnessed a terrible massacre years ago. Capitalizing on its history, a mysterious showman (Jeffrey Combs) has turned the infamous mansion into a haunted-house attraction. Soon Claire and her friends realize that a demonic force has taken over the building and they’ve been locked inside with a malevolent spirit who wants to perpetrate another mass murder.

Sounds great right? Well in some parts, it is, but in some parts, it turns into a cheesy drawn-out mess. Of course, the budget was not nearly huge enough for what they were trying to pull off. You have to overlook that little flaw. But, they did manage to have some pretty bloody kills. Combs delivers his little shtick well enough, but the breakout performance goes to the villain, Miss Darrode. Seriously, that chick plays crazy very well. We needed more of her.

Overall HorrorFatale.com gives this movie a strong rent it! Or, wait for cable.

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Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Grimm Love’ (Rohtenburg) – Very Grim Indeed

Grim Love is a story that takes place in a land called batshit! That’s my usual mantra these days, but in this case I can’t call it anything else. Well, I guess I could tell you how sad it is, because in reality it really is truly a sad story. The main character Katie (Keri Russell) is a grad student living in Germany who has become obsessed with the story of Oliver Hartwin (Thomas Kretschmann). Oliver dreams of eating a willing victim, and thanks to the internet, he was able to find a volunteer, a young man Simon Grombeck (Thomas Huber).

Yeah, really that’s what happens in this disturbing, yet really boring film. For the most part the movie has an extremely dark back-story involving an eschewed matriarchal relationship between Oliver and his mom. Simon and Oliver are both extremely loved starved and lonely. Although it was hinted there is a strange connection Russell’s character develops during her research which perhaps if it had been explored a little better might have made a lackluster movie more interesting. Why is so obsessed with the story? If she feels sorry for either man, you never know. It’s just a dropped storyline as to why she needs to research this tragedy. What’s her story?

Grim Love is a part of Fangoria Frightfest 2010 and for some reason it didn’t make that great of a fit in my opinion. I would give this a don’t see it, it’s not worth your time. The idea of this movie is more entertaining than the actual film.

‘Mother’ – Odd, Quirky and Entertaining

Mother isn’t traditionally what we would call horror, I guess if we had to classify this film, it’s more mystery thriller. Mother or Madeo comes from from South Korea and it stars Kim Hye-ja and Won Bin (as a mother and son) and directed Bong Joon-ho. Bong Joon-ho also directed The Host .

Let’s just say our main characters, a son and his mother, are really, really close. So close, there are rumors in the town that they are having an incestuous relationship. Now, it’s never really proven in the film that they did, but it surely wasn’t proven that they didn’t. There are a few questionable scenes thrown in to keep it nice and confusing in that aspect. The son, who suffers from some form of mental retardation, is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and a young girl dies. So naturally, he is suspect number one and naturally, his mother goes batshit to prove he didn’t do it.
The mother sets out on a path to prove her son innocent, by any means necessary, including hiring her son’s friend that she hates to help her unearth hidden stories about the dead girl. She even “deals” with someone who’s story can block her son being declared innocent. And we know what word rhymes with deals, right?

Overall, it’s an oddly entertaining film that had its moments of sheer lunacy with some strange little dance numbers, but whatever shake your groove thang. This film does have its moments of slow, but the pacing does build as you go along with the co-dependent mom as she unravels a rather messed up little mystery. The Horrorfatale says see it! But, be mindful it is over two hours long and subtitled (unless you speak Korean). Madeo or Mother is currently available on DVD.