Snap, Crackle, Dead – Things Stupid Husbands Do

snap_crackle_pop from the rice krispy box
Messing with my food is like messing with my emotions Smokey!*
File this under not cool! Forty-three year old, Fernando Porras, of California allegedly tried to murder his wife by lacing her Rice Krispies with a household product called Goof Off.

The couple’s daughter reportedly called 911 after the mother complained that the cereal tasted and smelled funny.

“She goes ‘something’s in it, something’s in it,’” Fernanda Porras told KCAL-TV. “So I went and picked it up and when I saw what was in the cup, I could smell it and I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is a chemical.’”

Anyone else annoyed that the child’s name is Fernanda? Fernando. Fernanda. Stop it.

Captain Dumbass is being held on a $1 million dollar bond. Perhaps, Pop will bail him out. I never trusted him, who wears a top hat in the middle of the day? Just saying.

*Google the film Friday.

Source: NY Daily News

Occupy! Happy New Year Guys!

Zombie Walk HorrorFatale, OccupyExpecting me to get all sentimental and weepy? Have we’ve met? I don’t do that shit! But, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to you guys who leer at visit my beloved little blog every day. I know I didn’t post as much this year as in the previous years and for that I apologize. But, for the record this was one the best years we’ve had. In fact, we got over 3.2 million hits this year and over 40,000 of you stopped by to visit us daily. I’m not sure I explained that properly, but my point is a lot of you read my crazy posts. I truly hope you had fun with me!

This year I actually allowed the other ladies to post from time to time, and I promise I will loosen the noose in the new year to allow them to do more. But, is my baby and those bitches ain’t me, just saying. But nonetheless thanks DivaMummy, Dark Diva and our new friend, The HorrorDame!

I also want to say thanks to the PR ladies over at FX for including us in the launch of American Horror Story. And most importantly thank you to Dylan McDermott’s great cheeks!

I wish you all a happy, prosperous 2012. Cheers y’all!
Lizzie, The HorrorFatale

Introducing Vampire John Travolta? – ‘Face Off 2’

This is getting interesting; remember last week when the internet accused Nicolas Cage of being a vampire? Well, his old friend (I’m assuming, because all celebrities are friends, right?) John Travolta has gotten in on the action. A new Ebay auction has popped up involving a supposed photo of John Travolta circa 1860. The seller literally lists the photograph as a time traveling Travolta.
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