TruBlood is kind of real -really! Vampires Rejoice!

Ok, vampires start booking your flights to Transylvania stat. Not you Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Alexander Skarsgard you two stay put; but you other blood suckers take note. In the Romanian city of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca) a team of researchers announced they have produced the first ever artificial blood. Well, if remember the plot from the last season of True Blood, this is great news for the vampires, especially since the TruBlood factory blew up. :D
However, back in reality Medical Daily reports,

the new artificial blood relies not on hemoglobin, like typical artificial bloods, but hemerythrin — a protein extracted from sea worms that is then mixed with water and salts. Doctors can use the artificial blood to reduce infection rates during blood donation, and to supply lost stores in patients for several hours or even up to a day, Researcher Dr. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu says.

Hemerythrin mirrors hemoglobin in its duties — transporting oxygen throughout an organism’s body — but differs in which organisms those duties are performed. Nearly all vertebrates use hemoglobin to ferry oxygen within red blood cells, while hemerythrin is found only in certain invertebrates, namely worms and valves. The hemerythrin-based artificial blood isn’t the deep red normally associated with blood, but more of a translucent yellow, although Silaghi-Dumitrescu said they were able to color it red for familiarity.


No, this picture isn’t necessary but damn it’s needed!

I’m no scientist but this sounds a lot like TruBlood doesn’t it? The lines between TV and reality keeps blurring, someone can even take a bath salts drug and become a zombie. And to think people don’t think being a horror fan can prove useful. We’ll see who survives the inevitable Zombie Vampire Supernatural Apocalypse.

Let’s Get Married! – Horror Style, Sort of

Hipster proposals are just so the thing at the moment, but this one is awesome I must say. Somewhere in Poland a young lad inserts himself into a mash up trailer for The Grey and The Bourne Ultimatum and asks his unsuspecting gal to get help him pay half the bills married.

I have to say, the Fatale is not a sappy kind of girl, but I do have ovaries so this I dare say is – sweet. Good luck you crazy kids! I cannot wait for the divorce video. And the cynicism survives another day. :D

Nietypowe zaręczyny from Multimedial HD Studio on Vimeo.

Source: Mashable

Settle Down Nutters! — “Vampire” Couple Drink Homeless Man’s Blood

One of them is a girl. I think.

Arizona Police are reporting Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson stabbed and drank the blood of a homeless man named, Robert Maley last week inside the couple’s apartment. Maley said he had been residing with the couple, but refused to allow them to drink his blood. Then the two allegedly stabbed Maley and sucked his blood.

Maley told the police Aaron and Amanda (Nut 1 and Nut 2) were into “vampire stuff and paganism.” Nice!

Now here’s where the shit gets funny. At least to my ass because I’m truly a little nutters myself, Maley was also arrested when he reported the couple to the authorities. He was held for a parole violation. But, look at it this way, he got a bed to sleep in and no one went Lestat on him!