Just in time to scare the hell out of you! – Enter the Thomas Edison’s Dolls


Call it scientific innovation or nightmare inducing; in this case they are in fact the same thing. Apparently, back in day Thomas Edison’s company Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Company came up with a way to scare entertain little girls. They invented the Edison Phonograph Doll. This is her. Creepy? Yes. Continue reading

TruBlood is kind of real -really! Vampires Rejoice!

TruBlood- True-Blood-drink

Ok, vampires start booking your flights to Transylvania stat. Not you Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Alexander Skarsgard you two stay put; but you other blood suckers take note. In the Romanian city of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca) a team of researchers announced they have produced the first ever artificial blood. Well, if Continue reading