More 3D – Beckinsale Returns to ‘Underworld’ 3D

The peeps in the know over at BloodyDisgusting are reporting that Kate Beckinsale might be signing on to do Underworld 3D. Or from what they say trying not to have to sign on. Either way Underworld might be back in 3D, with or without Katie girl. Now you guys know Continue reading

Tales from the HorrorVine – Halloween 3-D sans Rob Zombie

First off this is possibly complete bullshit, but the idea of it makes me happy. Bloody-Disgusting heard from a guy (The Egg Man??) who heard from this girl’s cousin that they heard, Dimension is in negotiations with STEVE MINER to come back to the franchise. Steve directed Halloween: H20, as Continue reading

Freddy is Scottish – What the What Now?

Take this with a grain of salt or a grain of coke. Not sure which one is needed in this particular piece of information. The UK’s Daily News reports that Freddy Krueger will have a Scottish accent (!) in next year’s Platinum Dunes remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Continue reading

TimeWarner and Brighthouse Return the Fear! (I think…)

As you know I happen to be one of the unfortunates that lost Fearnet when it was yanked earlier this year. Word through the horrorvine says it might be returning. But, there are no details at this time other than something something is going on behind the scenes. So, keep Continue reading