‘Scream 4’ Review – The Old is New Again, Almost

Michael Bay this is how you do a reboot honey. Now, from that one sentence I guess you can tell I liked Scream 4 , however don’t think the film didn’t have its yawn moments for me. But, for the most part my issues with this film were cosmetic ones that came from years of horror movie watching. Nothing is ever scary to me, know what I mean. I no longer jump at jump the “jump scares,” and if you pay attention you can pick up on the beat of the film enough to know when someone is going to get it. Basically there is never an element of surprise for me. Well, I take that back a little; the climax of The Orphanage kind of got me. Dead kids are creepy man, just saying.

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Horror in the Neighborhood Cinema — Movie Releases Today

Unless you’ve been on Mars, you already know. Ghostface returns.

See it! We’ll talk afterwards.
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Official ‘Scream 4’ Trailer – Now You’re Talking!

Unfortunately, the trailer does not focus on Rory’s magnificent hair, but it’s awesome nonetheless. In this version we get a lot more information about the new Scream including what appeared to be the death scene of Gail Weathers. Let’s hope not, but they really need to murder that blue shirt they seem to keep digging up for Neve. Just saying. Enjoy!

Scream 4 hits the multi-plex on April 15, 2011.

New ‘Scream 4’ Trailer – Why am I More Interested in Rory Culkin’s Hair?

Seriously, Rory the shampoo is working. Anylame, this of course is the trailer for the upcoming fourth installment of Scream. I’m still torn about how I feel about this. I loved the trilogy, but what can happen with this to make it truly different.

I’m actually more into seeing how Courtney and David are going to interact with each other. How awkward will that shit be? That’s the movie people, she should go all Ghostface and just put Arquette out of his misery in the final scene. Now that’s a movie. Scream 4 hits the theater April 15, 2011.

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