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American Horror Story Cult
American Horror Story: Cult
American Horror Story: Cult “Election Night” (Recap) – Killer Clowns, Cheetos Facials and Therapy

American Horror Story: Cult “Neighbors from Hell” (Recap) – Quick, everybody calm up!

American Horror Story: Cult “11/9” (Recap) – The Horror of a Backstory

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Midnight, Texas – Season 1
‘Midnight, Texas: Pilot (Recap) – It’s new, so I’ll be kind

Midnight, Texas: Bad Moon Rising (Recap) – Better, but…

Midnight, Texas: Lemuel, Unchained (Recap) – Don’t trust faux Anthony Kiedis

Midnight, Texas: “Sexy Beast” (Recap) – Nothing but love and assassins

Midnight, Texas: “Unearthed” (Recap) – Gold, guns, and love bubbles…

Midnight, Texas: “Blinded By The Light” (Recap) – Hooray for abs and angel wings…

Midnight, Texas: “Angel Heart” (Recap) – Angel on Angel Violence, sad.

Midnight, Texas: “Last Temptation of Midnight” (Recap) – Pour one out for Zelda

Midnight, Texas: “The Virgin Sacrifice” (Recap) – Second season or nah?

Dexter - logo
Dexter Season 5 Episode 1: My Bad – Goodbye Rita Bennett and Yeaaaa! (Let’s Discuss)

True Blood
The Final True Blood Episode Post – All Tied Up in a Pretty Pretty Bow
To see a the complete series recaps search our site for True Blood. We literally started this site with them, we did all seven seasons. Thanks HBO!