Film Reviews: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

All the reviews that’s fit to print or something like that. Whether we liked it or not, check out what we girls at thought of the horror films that hit the local theaters, DVD players and a few from abroad. Enjoy!

‘Cult of Chucky’ (Review) – If slow and weird is on the menu

‘IT’ (Review) – Nostalgia be thy name…

‘Annabelle: Creation’ (Review) – Entertaining? Yes. Scary? Hell no.

‘DON’T KILL IT’ (Review) – Well, you might have to…

‘Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies’ (Review) – Snow Covered Zombie Fun!

‘Split’ (Review) – A Good Twisted Thriller with Bad Dancing

The Bye Bye Man (Review) – Call His Name and Yawn

‘Blair Witch’ 2016 (Review) – Same Movie, Better Cameras

The Purge: Election Year — My Un-Asked For Thoughts (Review)

‘Open Grave’ Review – Wake me up when the movie starts…

‘Annabelle’ (Review) – The laughs keep coming, but I like it

‘I Spit on Your Grave 2’ Review – Hat Tips to the Bravery of the Actress

‘Oculus’ (Review) – It tried…but I have a few questions.

My unwanted Thoughts on ‘Carrie’

Insidious: Chapter 2 (Review) – An Extended Episode of Ghost Hunters

‘Detention of the Dead’ (Review) – Think ‘Breakfast Club’ with a body count

‘The Purge’ Review – Frightening concept, Mediocre delivery

‘Aftershock’ (Review) – Don’t travel, stay home and watch TV

‘Evil Dead (2013)’ Review – Earns its R! Darkly Fun.

‘MAMA’ (Review) – Mama is mad folks!

‘Juan of the Dead’ Review – Zombie Killing and Havana Nights

Even with Cocktails ‘Piranha 3DD’ Still Sucks – DVD Review

[REC]³ Génesis – A Different Venue for the Continuing Story

‘Intruders’ – Good for a Rental

‘The Innkeepers’ Review – Things that go Bump in the Night

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – It’s a Popcorn Movie, Not a History Lesson

‘Chernobyl Diaries’ – Documentaries on the accident are scarier

‘Dark Shadows’ – It’s Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Kind of Says It All

‘Apartment 143’ (Emergo) – If you’ve seen one of these, you’ve seen this one too

‘The Cabin in the Woods’ – Clever, different, but not perfect

‘The Innkeepers’ Review – Things that go Bump in the Night

‘Paranormal Activity 3’ – Better than Part 2

11/11/11: Murder Suicide – I’ll bite

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Great Starter Horror for the Kiddies

‘Apollo 18’ Review – Worth a Watch for Sure

Fright Night 2011 – Colin’s Arms Are Not Enough

‘TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL’ – Scooby Doo Mysteries Goodness

‘The Perfect Host’ (Review) – One Crazy Dinner Party, Where’s My Invite?

‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ (DVD Review) – Oh, How I Wanted To Love Thee

The Rite (Review) — Entertaining Clergy Recruitment

‘The Troll Hunter’ Review – A Solid Meh!

‘Hereafter’ (DVD Review) — Netflix Irony or Coincidence? Meh Nonetheless

‘The Roommate’ DVD Review – You Already Know

‘I Saw the Devil’ (Review) – Charles Bronson Would be Proud

‘Scream 4’ Review – The Old is New Again, Almost

‘Rubber’ Review – Yeah, It’s Different

The Road to Oscar Paved With Vamps and Action Movies: A Tribute to Kathryn Bigelow

‘A Serbian Film’ (Review) – Praying for Hysterical Blindness At Times

‘I Spit on Your Grave’ Remake – Still Messed Up After All These Years

‘Piranha’ Review – Good Old Fashioned Debauchery & Hungry Fish

‘The Last Exorcism’ – Rent It!

‘Monsters’ Review – Not District 9 in Anyway Shape, Form or Fashion

‘Saw 3D’ Review – Oh, Well ACME Products is Still Going Out of Business

‘Frozen’ DVD Review: Undergrad. It’s What for Dinner – See it!

See It! ‘The House of the Devil’

SUPPORT INDIE HORROR! – ‘Tender Moments’ Review Presented by Review: ‘Let Me In’ – Hate to Admit It, But…

Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Dark House’ – Miss Darrode is Kind of Cool

Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Grimm Love’ (Rohtenburg) – Very Grim Indeed

Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Pig Hunt’ – Title Kind of Sets the Stage, No?

DVD Review of ‘After.Life’ – Life Goes On, Well for Some of Us

‘Mother’ – Odd, Quirky and Entertaining

‘Daybreakers’ Tried to be a “Different” Vampire Movie

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) – Sprechen Sie Nuts!

An AfterDark Horrorfest Mini-marathon Got A Bit Political-ey

Will Definitely Sleep Again – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Review

Just Like My High School Reunion – ‘Never Sleep Again – The Elm Street Legacy’ DVD Review

A Reluctant Review of ‘Twilight: New Moon’ – Not Feeling It Girls

The Crazies — a bit slow, but good

SUPPORT INDIE HORROR! – ‘The Double Born’ Presented by The DivaMummy

‘Shutter Island’ Review Presented by The Dark Diva

DVD Review: ‘The Collector’

Paranormal Entity — Needs more Entity Activity

Rent it! – ‘Sorority Row’ — Better than You Think

Someone tell President Obama Jigsaw wants the Public Option!

See It! – Pandorum

Flashback Horror Review: ‘Exorcist 2: The Heretic’

‘Halloween 2’ Remake Revisited for DVD/Blu-Ray Release

See It! The House of the Devil

See It! The Perfect Getaway (Director’s Cut)

See it! Carriers

See it! Paranormal Activity

See it! Drag Me to Hell

See it! Grace

Don’t See It! The Gravedancers

See It! The Long Weekend (1978)

See It! ‘Dead Snow’

See It! Eden Lake

See It! Autopsy

See It! Martyrs

See It! Midnight Movie

Friday the 13th 2009 – Thoughts, I Share, U Share

See it! The Nanny (1965)

See it! Murder Party

See it! Donkey Punch

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, Great if You’re 11

See It! The Innocents (1961)

See It! Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

See It! REC (Horror from Spain)

See It! Tooth and Nail

See It! Burnt Offerings

See It! Rogue

See It! The Devil’s Backbone

The Strangers — Shotgun.Shotgun.Shotgun.

Josh Hartnett Almost Acts in 30 Days of Night