I make Geek chic.
By day, The HorrorFatale, is the managing editor of two small magazines. Just so, you know I wouldn’t read either of them without them paying me. Get it? Anylame, I think I’m much funnier than I probably am, so you’ve been warned. Born and raised in the South, The HorrorFatale will throw the occasional y’all out there. Trust me y’all will get used to it. In spite of the many, many typos, and sometimes intentional and unintentional grammatical errors, I did actually graduate from college, twice. Roll Tide!

Unfortunately for you guys The HorrorFatale has a PoliSci minor, so in other words besides being a diehard horror lover I get absolutely psychotic enthralled in all things involving politics. I went to President Obama’s Inauguration and stood in sub-human temperatures for Christ’s sake! I take my politics seriously. In fact, I can make a political statement out of just about everything. See the reviews for Saw and Zombies of Mass Destruction. The shit’s a gift. Trust. Oh, yeah I am trying my hardest to build my arsenal of swear words daily so if you know of any new phrases send them to me. Now watch me get a bunch of sex shit, I said swear phrases, bitches, not shit you’re trying with your pets. (You stalker’s know who you are.)

I will warn you again I am a bleeding heart liberal in all respects, so I do not support any form of racism, sexism, homophobia or Freddy Kruger preference whatsoever. So NO comments that degrade anyone based on any of the things mentioned above WILL not be tolerated. Hell, I know people in low places do not make me send them to your house. Play nice.

On a lighter note I am on the quest for the perfect man and shoe, so if you have access to either send them my way as well.
— Best regards and sweet nightmares,
Lizzie Borden, The HorrorFatale

The Other Two…

Mixing the Dark with Glam – It’s Not Easy but Someone Has to Do It The Dark Diva
The Mother of two-mini glamorilla’s The Dark Diva comes from the land of Oz. No, not Australia, the one with Dorothy. When she’s not busy saving the world from bad pastry’s she’s on the quest for the perfect horror film.

DivaMummy – The Sane One – Making Nice Look Easy

The married Mummy of three thinks that all horror movies and TV shows deserve a chance. Hey, just because it’s on SyFy doesn’t mean it’s not good. Gifted with the ability to see most series to the end, the DivaMummy will continue to turn over every rock to find something good to watch on TV.