‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Exclusive Clip Hits the Web

I’m playing catch up from last weeks’ jury duty so, if you’ve seen this then well you’ve seen it. If not enjoy! Also, Shock Till You Drop uploaded an exclusive clip where we see Freddy kind of reintroduce himself to Nancy. I’m not even going comment on this just yet, Continue reading

New Line Releases the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake Narrative

I’m still as apprehensive about this movie as ever and, the TV spots and trailers are not easing my pain. In fact the more I see the more worried I get. In less than two weeks the new Freddy hits the cinema, whether I like it or not. A Nightmare Continue reading

Official ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Clip and HD New Trailer

Yawn. Oh, and that Kellan Lutz kid is hot. Seriously, that’s all the clip did for me. Also, the guys in the loop BloodyDisgusting scored this clip and the HD new trailer. A Nightmare on Elm Street hits the cinema April 30th.

Freddy Krueger Hijacks Some Commercials

Apparently, the reality show channel MTV allowed its commercials for some show called America Dance Teams or Best Dance Move by a Group of People or some shit allowed their TV spots to be hijacked by Freddy. Kind of cool, I guess. But, uh let’s discuss Jackie’s Freddy voice. Is Continue reading

He Knows Where You Sleep?? How? Who Told Him? New Elm Street Poster

So, again while I was off in sleepyville Brad Fuller and the producers of the A Nightmare on Elm Street released another poster for the upcoming remake. I’m not moved either way by this one, well Freddy looks a little short to me, not that menacing, but that’s just me. Continue reading