Will Definitely Sleep Again – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Review

Although the A Nightmare on Elm Street is visually pleasing that’s where the pleasing stops and the yawning begins. The reimaging of horror classic fell short on the scares and the delivery of Freddy’s trademark snark simply does not cut it. Pun totally intended. There’s seriously no need to rehash Continue reading

Horror in the Neighborhood Cinema — Movie Releases Today

I don’t even need this post, because unless you’ve been under a rock, you know this film is out today. Watch out Freddy, I’m coming you! Disfigured serial killer Freddy Krueger (Haley) stalks a group of young people in their dreams, forcing them to remain awake as the only alternative Continue reading

Clips, Clips and More Clips from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake

You know its opening week when they release this many clips on the interwebs. I’m personally finished with my bitching about how much they need Robert Englund, because the films in the can and about to hit the cinema. But one more gripe for old times’ sake, the voice is Continue reading

Freddy’s Stop Motion Poster is Cool! Even I Can Admit it

The A Nightmare on Elm Street marketing campaign is at full throttle right now! Joining in the imagery assault is this cool as shit Freddy motion poster. Even your girl is getting excited for this film. I’m such a fucking fangirl. A Nightmare on Elm Street hits the the cinema Continue reading

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Exclusive Clip Hits the Web

I’m playing catch up from last weeks’ jury duty so, if you’ve seen this then well you’ve seen it. If not enjoy! Also, Shock Till You Drop uploaded an exclusive clip where we see Freddy kind of reintroduce himself to Nancy. I’m not even going comment on this just yet, Continue reading