Horrorfatale.com’s Best and Worst Horror Movie List 2010

Always late to the ball, but I was procrastinating contemplating this very carefully. Keep and mind I started writing this blog as I was watching Seed of Chucky on cable, so I guess long story short my judgment is clearly skewed. But whatever it must be done. I have to Continue reading

DVD Review of ‘After.Life’ – Life Goes On, Well for Some of Us

I would have liked this movie more if The Sixth Sense hadn’t preceded it. You will pretty much figure out the little twist by the end of the first act of the film. Of course, there’s something utterly creepy and wrong about Liam Neeson’s character, so there is a reason Continue reading

Horror in the Neighborhood Cinema — Movie Releases Today

Liam Neeson is like a busy boy these days. This week he brings his version of deranged undertaker to the screen. I think he was well cast for this part, the voice, the demeanor, yup it works. This film also stars Christina Ricci. Is she the chick you call when Continue reading