Freak Out with Your Geek Out – What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign?

Geek-SignA lot of people believe their zodiac signs have some sort of mystical powers. Like being a Taurus gives them special rights to be a stubborn obstinate asshole. ‘Hey man, it’s my nature to be a miser who loves money more than anything ever. By the way, did you see my shoes?’ Did I mention I am a double Taurus/Venus energy? Speaks volumes – no?

Anyhoo, one of our nerdy geeky peeps came up with this fun little play on the zodiac chart. You can use the year you were born to figure out your geek sign.

And just like I suspected, I am one of the Undead. See you around the coffin.

What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign? (Click on here on the image to make it readable, btw.)

Hat tips: James Wright and Josh Eckert

Freak Out With Your Geek Out – The Ghost in the Elevator Prank

This video went viral a few days ago, but like I mentioned before I went on media vacation for the holidays so I’m just getting around to seeing it. Let me start by saying it is both HIGH-larious and all flavors of effed up at the same time.
The video is called ‘Ghost in the Elevator’ and it comes from a television program that aired in Brazil, don’t worry if you don’t speak Portuguese the ha-ha and OMG translate. Enjoy!

Freak Out With Your Geek Out – About that Zeebox App

Back by popular demand is Friday’s Freak Out, not really by demand per se but since I’m doing my best to only write about fun shit today here’s this little info. Seriously, this week I’ve written articles about winter building maintenance and green paper recycling- both riveting page turners though! :/ If you follow me on Twitter @HorrorFatale (which you should because I am a very funny chick), you will notice me tweeting about my cool-horror-nerdy tv habits that I have. I am hooked on this cool little app called Zeebox. Check out a video after the jump video with deets. BTW, notice how the Rose guy in the video bears a resemblance to Lionel Luthor. Happy Friday Peeps! Continue reading

Freak Out With Your Geek Out – The This is Not Horror Edition

Since we’ve always felt it was the job of to bring the three A’s (ABS, ARMS and ASS) to women and my fabulous fellas around the world we present Magic Mike. I know it ain’t horror but I think it’s going to be hot so whatever. And might I add True Blood’s Joe Magwhateveritalian b.k.a. Alcide character’s name in this thing is BIG DICK RICHIE. Need I say more?

Leer with me y’all!

Veteran stripper Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) teaches a novice (Alex Pettyfer) about the occupation while seeking a lifestyle outside the world of stripping with the help of his protégé’s sister (Cody Horn). They work at the club Xquisite, which is owned by the former stripper Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

BIG DICK RICHIE Magic Mike opens today in a strip club theaters. Check your local listings.