Friday Freak-Out — Some Guy Roasts Marshmallows Over A Volcano


Brave Bradley Ambrose filmed colleague Simon Turner as the two descended towards a lava lake inside Marcum Crater in Ambrym, Vanuatu. Yeah, I wouldn’t call it brave and I’m not necessarily impressed or moved by this video, because people pull stupid stunts all the time. Meh. I’m more grossed out Continue reading

Freak Out with Your Geek Out – What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign?


A lot of people believe their zodiac signs have some sort of mystical powers. Like being a Taurus gives them special rights to be a stubborn obstinate asshole. ‘Hey man, it’s my nature to be a miser who loves money more than anything ever. By the way, did you see Continue reading

Freak Out With Your Geek Out – The Ghost in the Elevator Prank


This video went viral a few days ago, but like I mentioned before I went on media vacation for the holidays so I’m just getting around to seeing it. Let me start by saying it is both HIGH-larious and all flavors of effed up at the same time. The video Continue reading

Freak Out With Your Geek Out – About that Zeebox App


Back by popular demand is Friday’s Freak Out, not really by demand per se but since I’m doing my best to only write about fun shit today here’s this little info. Seriously, this week I’ve written articles about winter building maintenance and green paper recycling- both riveting page turners though! Continue reading