True Blood Season 4 Trailer – Now With More Alcide Abs

Alcide is about to make me jump on Team Werewolf. Seriously, the boy’s abs are magically delicious. Anyway as far as I can deduce from the massive clipage in this trailer, Sookie and Bill still seem to broken up and just maybe we’ll see less of Elvis this season. Here’s Continue reading

True Blood Season 4 – Lafayette, the eyes are fab!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do gold eyes and leave it Lafayette to perfect that shit! I digress. In this clip besides Lafayette’s gorgeous eye shadow, we find out the witches are going to be a serious threat to the vampires this season. SPOILER It also looks Continue reading

True Blood Season 4 Clip 3 Released — Yeah, they’re going there

SPOILER ALERT! Waiting Sucks: Jason If you are a book reader, you already know Stupid. Hot Jason becomes a werepather. So, yeah they’re going there. I’m not sure how I feel about Jase turning into a supe, just yet. What do you guys think? [ad#Google Adsense-7]

The Misadventures of Stupid Hot Jason – The Latest True Blood Preview

As previously reported I am stuck in a jury room right now, so all I have is the code for this, I can’t watch it because the Wi-Fi sucks! So, my lame witty banter is suspended until later. Enjoy! Season 3 In Production: Jason Jason Stackhouse