Horror in the Neighborhood Cinema — Movie Releases Today

Super 8 is the story of a group of friends who witness a mysterious train crash, in the summer of 1979 who begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon. Opens nationwide today.
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‘Monsters’ Review – Not District 9 in Anyway Shape, Form or Fashion

Oh, how I wanted to love this movie. I wanted to spread some of that alien inhabitant District 9 love to Monsters, but I cannot. I was just so bored. So very bored, for real though. (I apologize to Antonie Dobson and those who are sick of the intruders in my bed story. I had to. One more time for the year.)

Anyway, back to Monsters. First off, you cannot call a film by that title and not bombard us with exactly that – monsters. I’m sorry it’s a law, check your copy of the Constitution, under God-given rights. Give a girl what she wants, and that is bad ass alien monsters swooping in eating people and spitting them out, Godzilla-style. But thisMonsters tells the tale of a lowly photojournalist who has been given the task of escorting his boss’s daughter from Mexico back to America, through alien inhabited territory. Six years prior alien life forms invaded parts of Mexico in what is now know as the infected zone. Let me just say aside from some fucked up trees it’s not that infected. Continue reading

‘Saw 3D’ Review – Oh, Well ACME Products is Still Going Out of Business

Without spoiling the flimsy storyline, I’ll just say this Saw 3D made me laugh several times. So for that I give it kudos. If that was the writer’s intention then just know they achieved it. Now, if they were supposed to end the franchise the way it started as a different message relaying film with a clever twist, then I’m afraid they missed the mark by a long shot.
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‘Daybreakers’ Tried to be a “Different” Vampire Movie

First off I know how late this review is and I apologize, I realize my blog has turned into the House of True Blood which is cool, but we need to keep other interests going. I will always owe a great debt to Sookie and Bill because they were the beginning of my little following here, so I will always sing the praises of True Blood.

This brings us to another vampire story Daybreakers, a film that stars Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe in a futuristic visually and aesthetically pleasing film set about 10 years from now after vampires have taken over the world. In fact at this time, humans only make up about 5 percent of the population. Bummer. Due to the lack of human blood, the vampires are starting to degenerate into these vampire creatures that are actually posing a threat to everyone, vampires included.

Enter Ethan Hawke at his sulky finest. Hawke’s character is a hematologist who feels bad for the humans and doesn’t drink human blood. How very Angel of him. During a car accident he meets a group of humans who have actually found a cure for vampirism. This is where it gets tricky; the “cure” involves small doses of the sun. I guess it’s the same theory of giving someone a little bit of a virus to build up immunity to it. This is certainly nothing we haven’t seen, wasn’t that sort of the basis of the Blade cure Whistler was trying?

Daybreakers was one the most beautifully stylized horror movies, certainly released lately. From the grey sharpness color of the film, to the iconic imagery like the Uncle Sam promoting the capture of humans, it is really amazing looking. Now there were some moments that were a little hard to swallow, for instance if the humans are in a battle for their lives some human scientists would have discovered that the blood substitutes would blow the vampires up. Just saying. The whole Hawke’s renegade solider brother relationship wasn’t that interesting, nor was the little flirt with a love between Hawke and the female character.

The ending was pure Hollywood with Willem Dafoe coming in of course to save the day from evil monster played by Sam Neil. I did like the little twist they tried to throw in there, the theory and concept of that was pretty cool. Not that different, but I can already smell where and how the sequel could go. Overall, I didn’t love the hell out of this, and nope I will not be running out to buy this, but if it’s on HBO I’ll watch it. Rent it!