About ‘Ghost Rider 2’ Trailer – Nic and I Have Talked (Not Really)


As you might have noticed we have a love, hate relationship with most of Nic Cage and his films. I mostly hate them, but I have to admit lately they haven’t bothered me. Loved Kick Ass, Liked Season of the Witch and Drive Angry. So, Nicky and I are continuing Continue reading

‘Drive Angry’ Motion Poster – Pretty Cool, I Must Admit

I’m all about the ‘71 Chevy Chevelle in the trailer! Vroom, Vroom, man. Momma like! I want to see this because I’m Southern, I like loud freaking cars what can I say? Anyway, my favorite wig-wearer Nic Cage continues to do what it is Nic does these days while trying Continue reading

Horror in the Neighborhood Cinema — Movie Releases Today

My mind tried to block this out, but it’s still happening nonetheless. Season of the Witch opens today and it might be amazing…or it could be like the rest of Nicky’s movies lately. It’s a crap shoot. But, one thing’s for sure, I still hate Nic’s wig. I’m not running Continue reading

I Already Told You Nic, I Get It – ‘Season of the Witch’ New Trailer

Same shit! Ha! I kid you Nic!! As I mentioned when I presented the lovely trailer for Drive Angry, I have a completely different take on Nic Cage. Nic is fucking with us, he stop caring many years ago. Nic has a family to feed and he’s doing it, so Continue reading