True Blood Season 3 Predictions – Sam and A Shotgun!

If you are rewatching season two of the fabulous True Blood you will have seen this, if not check this out. True Blood returns June 13th. Season 3 In Production: Sam So who’s holding the shotgun on Sam? Sam Merlotte [ad#Google Adsense-7]

True Blood Season 2, Episode 8: Timebomb (Let’s Discuss)

This contains big time spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode, I am advising you turn back now. Save yourself.** Call me Mrs. Robinson, because I like Godric a lot! He is the wisest 1,000-year-old child I know. So, we pick up from last week’s episode with Godric saving stupid Continue reading

True Blood Episode 6 Tonight! HUGE Spoiler Alert!!!!

Tonight’s episode is going to be hot!! The episode is called, Cold Ground, and I guess the title tells us a lot about the underlying theme, see what I did there. Anyway, here are the deathtails: Gran is dead. The town in reeling. Will Sookie be able to put aside Continue reading