About the ‘Final Destination 5’ Trailer

Here’s the lovely trailer for Final Destination 5. Well it’s got Tony Todd again. But wait, there’s a new element. This time if you want to live instead of interrupting death’s flow and getting a reprieve you can just aid death by offing some random person yourself. Nice! I can give you guys a list of people, just saying. Well that’s about all I got.

Final Destination 5 hits the cinema August 12th.
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‘Final Destination 5’ Trailer – Don’t Groan, It’s Actually Not Bad

Kudos to the writers of this franchise! They have managed to produce enough completely mundane should not kill you activities to make the trailer fairly decent. In all honesty I have enjoyed the entire Final Destination franchise. I don’t think I’ve talked too much shit about them. I said – I don’t think. Ok, so here we have the fifth installment in the death revenge franchise and most importantly we have Tony Todd. Enjoy!

Final Destination 5 hits the theater August 12th.
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How Horror Are You? First Movie Date

Last night one of the cable channels was playing Candyman and I actually watched it for the first time in what has to be at least a decade. Tony Todd is still a scary mofo! I remembered Candyman was the movie I saw on my first date. Awww…anyway I’m lame and an old hag. I think it’s funny that mine was a horror. Destiny, I tell ya.

What was your first date movie – horror? If so, what was it? If not what was it, so we can point and laugh. (Kidding.)